Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling; Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi (All Android Phones)

Now Turn Wi-Fi Calling Off; All Smartphones; Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, Oneplus. Learn How to Turn Off Wifi calling on Android; In-Depth Guide.

Turning off Wi-Fi calling is one of the useful features when it comes to Android. Whether you prefer Wi-Fi calling or not but in this tutorial I am gonna teach you how to turn off Wi-Fi calling on Android on Samsung or any smartphones like oneplus, realme, Oppo Vivo, Huawei.

Wi-Fi calling is the worst feature when you have a poor Wi-Fi signal. Because if you have poor Wi-Fi then it would affect the calling functionality of Android and the Voice. That’s A terrible experience.

So without wasting any more time let’s see how to turn off Wi-Fi calling feature on Android.

To Turn off WiFi Calling on All Android devices

To turn off the Wi-Fi calling functionality you need to follow the below procedure, in which I will show you the in-depth tutorial on how you can proceed to set and then how you can turn off the Wi-Fi calling. 

Let’s take your mobile and let’s go.

  • Open Mobile Setting > Now Tap on SIM 
  • Then Tap on your Preferred Mobile Data’s SIM like SIM 1-2
  • Now Scroll down > Tap on Wifi calling 
  • Here Tap on the off button.

This is the process of how you can proceed and turn off the Wi-Fi calling. If you didn’t get it then read the below procedure with images that will help you more

Tutorial on Turning off the Wi-Fi calling with Images 

Above I already showed you how to turn off the Wi-Fi calling but in case you didn’t get that method then that’s why I am writing this in which I will show you the tutorial with images which lead you to more specific information. 

SIM card and mobile data settings
Step 1: Open Settings then SIM Card & Mobile data
see the preferred mobile data
Preferred Mobile Data’s SIM
select main sim card
Step 2: Select Preferred Mobile Data’s SIM
WiFi Calling Settings Android
Step 3: Scroll Down > Tap on Wi-Fi Calling
Now turn off wifi calling
Step 4: Now turn off wi-fi calling
  • Firstly, Get into your mobile settings then get into the SIM card option where both SIM cards were shown
  • Second, tap on the SIM card which you have set the Default Mobile Data 
  • Third, after getting in, scroll down and you will see the Wi-Fi calling just touch it
  • Fourth, A new screen appears, where you can turn on or off Wi-Fi calling just by tapping on the off or on a button. 

You can follow this on most Android devices but if you have devices like Samsung or Redmi then you need a very specific tutorial on it so below I will also mention how to turn off Wi-Fi calling on Samsung and Redmi smartphones.

Turn off wifi calling on Samsung smartphone 

How to turn off wifi calling samsung

To turn off this feature on any Samsung device then you need to for the below procedure which I am gonna show you right now

  • Open Notification Panel > Then Tap on Wi-Fi calling 
  • Then Turn off the Wi-Fi call feature easily. 

If you didn’t get the Wi-Fi calling feature or icon in the icon menu at the top then follow this.

To enable the Wi-Fi calling Button (Icon) on Samsung phones you need to get into the menu where you will find all the options like turning on Wi-Fi, data, etc. 

tap on button grid on samsung phone notification panel
Step 1: tap on button grid on samsung phone notification panel

Then simply tap on three dots on Notification Panel and then tap on Button grid > then add Wi-Fi calling to the menu.

Add WiFi Calling Icon
Step 2: Add WiFi Calling Icon

Now you can easily Turn on or off Wi-Fi calling on Samsung without any hassle.

Tap on Wi-Fi calling to turn off wifi calling on samsung
Step 3: Tap on Wi-Fi calling to turn off wifi calling on samsung
Turn on or off wifi calling on samsung phones

Follow this to Turn off wifi calling on Realme, Xiaomi, OnePlus 

If you are worried about your device because your device is different and has different settings then you can follow this tutorial. Realme, Xiaomi and one plus have common settings on these smartphones because all of them run on Android. Still, Xiaomi has some differences but it can apply to all three brands.

  • Get into the settings. 
  • Then tap on SIM card and mobile data
  • Now tap on the Mobile Data’s SIM like SIM 1-2 
  • Here scroll down > Touch the Wi-Fi calling
  • At last, Turn It off.

That’s how you can turn off Wi-Fi calling on any realme, Xiaomi, or oneplus device.

FAQs on Wi-Fi Calling

Should I use wifi calling?

Yes, you can use the Wi-Fi calling feature on your device if you have strong Wi-Fi. Because a strong Wi-Fi signal can automatically enhance the voice calls and the calling functionality of phones, although if you don’t have a good Wi-Fi signal then I don’t recommend it.

Is it better to have WiFi calling off?

Yes, You should off the Wi-Fi calling feature if you are facing Network issues with your Wifi or Getting Low Signals. Using Wifi Calling in low signal can decrease the Voice Quality.

Should I turn on WiFi calling on my Android?

Not really, If you have an excellent wifi router whose signal never drops then You should use it. It can actually Improve the Voice calls quality and Remove all the background noise.

Do all phones support Wi-Fi calling?

Not Really, The Phone which have Android 9+ Mostly supports the Wifi Calling feature. On the Other hand you can Search WIFI Calling in Settings to Turn it ON or OFF.

Is there any benefit of using wifi calling?

Yes, there are tons of benefits of using Wi-Fi calling on any Android smartphone like you will get the crystal clear voice. Moreover, Wi-Fi calling can automatically remove all the annoying and not useful background noise.

Advantage of Wifi Calling 

There are many benefits of Wi-Fi calling if you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. 

  • It removes the background noise if you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • You will get a crystal clear voice without any shutter.

Disadvantage of Wifi Calling on Android 

There are many benefits of Wi-Fi calling but simultaneously there are many disadvantages of Wi-Fi calling for some devices even for me. 

  • If you have a poor network connection then the calling functionality of your device will suck. 
  • Unnecessary lag on voice calls.

Final Words

In today’s tutorial, I showed you how to turn off Wi-Fi calling on almost all the devices available out there in the market whether it is from Samsung realme Xiaomi oneplus, etc. 

I hope this tutorial will be helpful for you and help you to turn off Wi-Fi calling and let me know in the comments if you have any queries.

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