How to Turn On Dark Mode Google Chrome on Android & iOS

Here is how to turn dark mode on the google chrome browser. You could follow this method on any device whether it’s Android or iOS. 

Recently I have written an article on how to turn off the dark mode of Google Chrome. Now writing this another piece of content in which I am gonna tell you how to enable dark mode on the Google Chrome app

The dark mode is a very attractive way to use your smartphone. Not only does it save your battery but more than that it protects your eyes. 

Turn On Dark Mode Chrome Application

Let’s Learn how to turn on dark mode on Chrome android browser in Backdroid Style.

To On or Enable dark mode on the Chrome app, Open The Chrome browser settings→ Tap on Theme → Select the Files → Tap on Dark.

Let’s directly move on to the actual tutorial on turning on dark mode on Google Chrome. 

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Below is the complete procedure that you could easily follow to enable dark mode on the Google Chrome browser or to turn on the dark theme on Chrome. 

  • 1. Open Chrome > Tap three dots

    First of all, you need to open the chrome browser and then just tap on the three dots on the top right-hand side. 

  • 2. Here Select settings

    At this point click on settings. If you scroll down a bit in that menu and you will find the settings tab, tap on it.

  • 3. Tap on Theme in Settings

    In the settings find and select the theme menu where the actual thing is hidden to unlock dark mode on Google Chrome. 

  • 4. Click on Dark

    At this point, you need to select the dark theme. By just clicking on the dark option. It will enable the dark mode on Google Chrome. 


That is how you could enable or turn on the dark mode on the Chrome browser. Moreover, you could follow this tutorial on any device whether the OS is Android or even iOS. 

However, there are additional settings in the Chrome theme menu that says “system default“. 

Summing up all the steps

to Enable or turn On dark mode on the chrome application, Procedure can be followed on any operating system:

  1. Open the Chrome browser settings.
  2. Tap on the Theme.
  3. In the Theme, select Dark.
  4. It will Apply the dark Theme on chrome.

System default means whatever theme you select for your device, if you enable the dark mode on your phone then the Chrome theme will automatically change to the dark one.

This is not an insane kind of tutorial to follow all the exact things with the videos in the tons of screenshots. However, we generally mention all the screenshots that We previously mentioned in turning off the dark mode in the Google Chrome browser but this time the article is pretty short. 

If you want to know how to disable or how to turn off dark mode then in this article how to turn on chrome dark mode, the steps are the same. 

The thing which changed is the theme selection in the theme menu. You just have to select the light to turn off dark mode but when you have to turn on the dark mode you just have to select the dark theme. Also Check: How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Android

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Q: Is Chrome dark mode safe?

Ans: Yes, dark mode is entirely safe. There is no harm in it. The dark theme is just a skin (theme) for the application. It will just convert the Light skin into dark mode.

Q: Is there dark mode on google chrome?

Ans: Yes, the Dark mode is available on every Chrome browser, whether Android, iOS, or Windows.

Q: How to use google chrome in dark mode?

Ans: To use the Google Chrome dark mode theme, Firstly, Enable it, then simply Start browsing to use the dark mode.

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