How to Turn On Developer Options (mode) on Android

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In this article, I will show you How to turn on developer mode on Android or turn the Developer option on.  

You could follow this method on any Android device, whether from Samsung, Xiaomi, or Huawei. 

Many people wanted to know the steps to follow to turn on developer mode. 

Turn on developer option

Moreover, I will mention the step-by-step procedure to enable developer mode on Android with a video tutorial and even with tons of screenshots that can help you. 

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How to Turn On Developer Mode on Android 

The procedure that you could follow to enable developer mode on Android. You can follow this method on any Android device, as we discussed.

  • Open Mobile Settings > About Phone

    First of all, you need to open your mobile settings. For any mobile settings,

  • Select Baseband & Kernel

    You need to scroll down and Tap on “About Phone,” in which all the basic information about your phone is mentioned. 

  • Tap a Few Times on the Build Number

    The second step you could follow is to tap several times on the build number of your smartphone. So when you start clicking, a small popup comes from the bottom, showing that you need to tap three more times or two more times to enable developer mode.


In the end, you will get a pop-up that will say hurrah! You’re in Developer Mode. 

Video Tutorial: On Turning On Developer Mode

Turn On Developer Mode Android

Quickly Turning on Developer Mode Android 

This is a unique paragraph for all the advanced geeks who know how the Android OS works. 

So here is a quick three or four steps procedure to turn on the developer mode. 

  • Open the mobile settings.
  • Scroll down to the end and select About phone. 
  • Here, Tap continuously on Build Number several (5-9) times. 
  • So when you have tab several times, you will see in popup which says: now you are in developer mode.
Select Android additional settings
Select Android additional settings
android developer mode off
Turn on Developer Options

Moreover, I am giving you the procedure to find the developer mode in your mobile settings because now the smartphone’s developer mode option is hidden in the depth of the settings. 

So that is how you could enable the developer option on Android now. If you want to find and modify these settings, follow the procedure below. 

  • Open Mobile Settings.
  • Find and select additional settings. 
  • Scroll down and Tap on Developer Mode. 
  • Now modify it as you want. 

That is how you can modify and find the developer mode on Android. I hope you found this helpful article. If you ever want to turn it off, you could check the article I have linked below to turn off developer mode. 

Now you might be wondering what developer mode is. There’s hype in the Android market, which shows that developer mode is the king! 

What Exactly is Developer Mode?

Developer mode is an additional option for users who want to modify the smartphone as they want. You could customize your phone’s animation speed using position (RTL/LTL), OEM unlocking, additional debugging purposes, etc. 

Developer mode is too helpful, but when you know how to use it properly, this could eventually improve your device’s performance. You could modify the smartphone according to your needs, but I don’t recommend it when it comes to beginner users who don’t know much about developers. 

You could run into trouble by making or by changing something in the settings. Although you could fix it by resetting your smartphone, here is what does happen. 


That’s it for the tutorial. It’s me, Kunal, the founder of, where you will get all the how-to tutorials from the apps and the games

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