How to Turn On WiFI Calling – All Android Phones [Easy Guide]

Turning On Wi-Fi calling is one of the useful features when it comes to Android. Whether you prefer Wi-Fi calling or not but in this tutorial I am gonna teach you “How to turn on Wi-Fi calling on Android” or Samsung or any smartphones like oneplus, realme, Oppo Vivo, Huawei, T-Mobile, US Mobile.

Wi-Fi calling is a great feature when you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. Because if you have poor Wi-Fi then it would affect the calling functionality of Android and the Voice also. Believe me, that’s A terrible experience. 

So without wasting any more time let’s see how to turn on Wi-Fi calling feature on Android.

How Does WiFi Calling Works?

The basic fundamental of Wi-Fi calling is when you are texting or calling, so everything will be routed through your Wi-Fi connection. 

Suppose if you are in a building and the signal cannot pass through the concrete blocks so that your signal strength will be low and whenever you make calls the voice will interrupt and the quality won’t be that good. 

Here is when Wi-Fi calling comes into play. If your device has Wi-Fi calling ability and if you are connected to any Wi-Fi then you can make calls directly through it and get a better voice quality than average normal calls.

Let’s dive into the tutorial to turn on Wi-Fi calling.

How to Turn On Wi-Fi Calling 

Tutorial to Turn ON Wi-Fi calling Android

To turn on the Wi-Fi calling functionality on your Android device we can just follow the below procedure and that is the same procedure that you can follow on all the mobile companies like T-Mobile Samsung oneplus oppo realme. 

  • Mobile Settings > SIM Card & Mobile Data 
  • Tap on the Preferred Cellular Data SIM > Scroll Down.
  • Here, Touch the WiFi Calling Settings > Then Turn it on by clicking on the Turn On Button. 

That is the way you can turn on the Wi-Fi calling on most Android devices. If you are using any Samsung device then I have a different step especially for you. 

But before moving on to the tutorial on how to turn on Wi-Fi calling on Samsung here is the in-depth tutorial. If you didn’t get the above steps then you can follow the below procedure with images that will help you more to find out how to enable Wi-Fi calling. 

Easy to Follow the Tutorial on Enabling WiFi Calling 

Time needed: 2 minutes.

So let’s see the actual tutorial on enabling the Wi-Fi calling functionality on most Android devices. 

  1. Open Mobile Settings > Select SIM Card & Mobile Data

    SIM card and mobile data

  2. Select Primany SIM Card

    select preferred data SIM

  3. Tap On WI-FI Calling

    Wi-Fi Calling in Mobile Settings

  4. Silde To Turn On Wi-Fi Calling Android

    Tap on Button to turn on wifi calling

Turned On WiFi Calling Android
Turned On WiFi Calling Android
  1. Get into your mobile settings and then find the SIM card and mobile data option then just tap on it.
  2. You have to tap on the SIM on which your primary mobile data running is. Or you can say the preferred data sim. 
  3. Yeah, you will find Wi-Fi calling just scrolling down a bit. Now just touch the Wi-Fi calling. 
  4. At this point, a new window will appear where you have to just tap on the turn on the button to turn on the Wi-Fi calling.

Woah! That’s pretty easy. So that you can easily enable Wi-Fi calling for all the Android devices out there in the market but for the Samsung ones I have a separate tutorial on it just below this paragraph.

At this point maybe you are curious why to turn on Wi-Fi calling. Is there any sense to turn on Wi-Fi calling and many questions?

Moreover, I will answer all your questions that probably are in your mind. It is better to clear all the questions rather than leave them.

Why To Turn On Wifi Calling 

The basic fundamental of Wi-Fi calling is whenever it is turned on and you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and calling somebody then you will get a great voice quality because now the call is connected OR routed from your Wi-Fi connection whether your SIM card signal is poor doesn’t matter. Your voice call’s quality will improve up to 67%, just because you are calling with Wi-Fi.

If you are not using Wi-Fi Calling, that’s totally up to you. But if you have a great Wi-Fi router with a great Wi-Fi connection speed then I would personally recommend you to use it once and you will notice a significant boost in your voice quality.

Moreover, Wi-Fi calling feature will save you many times when you are in a completely packed room Or space where you are covered with concrete blocks and getting the extremely low signal on your Android device then you should use Wi-Fi calling to get proper voice calls.

Ok, so that’s it for today. Today I showed you how to turn on Wi-Fi calling or how to enable Wi-Fi calling feature on Android, on all Android devices like the mobile oneplus, oppo, Vivo, realme, Xiaomi. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know in the comments. Would you use Wi-Fi calling? Because I’m using it.

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