How to Uninstall Android System WebView : Easy Way 2022

Looking for a tutorial with screenshots to uninstall the Android system WebView?

I knew it! In this tutorial, I will teach you how to uninstall Android WebView or Android system WebView. Should you really uninstall it or not? read here.

The Android System WebView is an essential part of Android, which supports some web apps to run smoothly. There are many reasons why a person wants to uninstall it, but today, I am gonna teach you how you can uninstall it. 

delete or uninstall the Android System Webview

How to Uninstall Android System WebView

I don’t want you to uninstall this unless you have a strong reason for it. However, you cannot uninstall the Android System WebView without rooting your device. So, it won’t run in the background and won’t pop up while updating other apps. However, you can force stop and disable it.

But anyway, let’s dive into the tutorial to uninstall the Android system WebView. 

1. Open Mobile Settings

Smartphone Settings icon highlighted with yellow and teal color

The first step to deleting the android system WebView is to get into mobile settings. 

2. All Apps

Getting into app list

In the second step, scroll down and select the app, and then the app lists where all the installed apps have been listed. 

3. Select Android System WebView

Selecting Android System WebView from Apps list from the device settings

From the list, scroll down and select Android system WebView. Then you will have a few options to clear cache and uninstall updates. 

4. Uninstall The System WebView Updates

Uninstall Android System WebView update

Here tap on the three dots from the top right side, then tap in uninstall updates.

5. Tap On Force Stop, Then Disable System WebView

Disable and Force stop android system webview

In this manner, you need to tap on an installer to uninstall the Android system WebView. 

I showed you the way, but I don’t recommend you uninstall this app because this is a very essential and critical part of your Android device. 

I know sometimes the Android system WebView stops working, or there are many errors in the app

Like humans, every app has some pros, some cons, some flaws, and some pros. 


It doesn’t mean we uninstall or remove the app just because they have some flaws unless we have a solid reason to uninstall WebView. 

Ok, so that’s all from my side today; I showed you how to uninstall Android System WebView from Android. 

See how obvious it is installing the system WebView from Android and ya! 

But anyways I hope you found this helpful article. If yes, then have a nice day and enjoy life.

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