How to Uninstall Any Android Launcher; Easiest Way is here!

If you have tried any launcher apps for Android and wanted to uninstall any one of them then here is a detailed guide on uninstalling Android launchers. 

You can follow the exact given methods on any Android device to uninstall any Android launcher out there in the market. 

How to Uninstall Launcher on Any Android

Below is the complete tutorial to delete the Android launcher to uninstall the launcher on Android this method is on any Android device with any launcher app. 

  • 1. Open All Apps list in settings.

    The first step is you need to open the phone settings. In settings, you need to tap on the application or the all apps section where all the installed apps have been listed. 

  • 2. Select the Android launcher.

    In this menu, you need to scroll down and find the Android launcher to uninstall. Or the launcher that you want to uninstall from your phone. Tap on that launcher. 

  • 3. Tap on Uninstall.

    Now here you will find the install button tap on the uninstall and then tap on ok to uninstall the Android launcher. 


Just by following this method, you can easily uninstall any launcher for Android even if it is set as default. 

Now many of you might have one question: what will happen after uninstalling the launcher app? Also read: Best Android Launchers & Without Ads Launcher.

What happens after uninstalling the Android launcher?

The moment you uninstall an additionally installed launcher your phone will directly move on to the default launcher or the system default UI. 


In other words when you uninstall any launcher from Android then the system will shift itself to the default system UI on the phone’s default launcher. 

For instance, just like Samsung smartphones, they have their own Samsung launcher, and just like any other smartphone, every smartphone has its UI. 

So there is no need to worry when installing an Android launcher because it won’t hurt your device and won’t damage any of your files. It will just change your UI. 

Can I Uninstall System Launcher?

No you can’t uninstall the system launcher. This is the default (pre-installed) launcher app in most android devices. It can’t be uninstalled. This app can only be disabled. However, uninstalling this system launcher will corrupt your phone, if you don’t have any other Android launcher app.

Uninstall Android Launcher | Remove Launcher from Android

So let me summarise everything that I talked about in this article. 

  • Open mobile settings and tap on apps. 
  • Tap on the installed launcher app. 
  • In this menu click on uninstall and then press ok. 
  • Now you have successfully uninstalled the additional installed Android launcher. 

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