Uninstall App Updates and Rollback to Previous Verison on Android

To Uninstall App Updates and Rollback to Previous Verison on Android. Tutorial for you to uninstall updates of any app, even system apps.
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Oh, Ho, Ho, Today’s article is all about uninstalling app updates on Android, A Step-by-step product that can be used to install any app updates, including the system and the apps you’ve installed.

Using today’s guide, more than 79 people have already uninstalled app updates of system apps like Uninstalling Google Apps updates or any other system app updates.

I hope it will be a helpful resource. Let’s dive into the Quick and easy guide in BackDroid Style.

To uninstall updates of the apps you installed: Firstly, uninstall the app and download the older version of the same app. At last, install the downloaded app.

To uninstall updates of system apps: Firstly, Open the device’s App settings, then select the app to uninstall the update. Tap on three dots and uninstall it.

How to Uninstall App Updates on Android (Any App)

Below sharing all the procedures from start to end, with screenshots that would help you to remove the updated app version and to roll back the application on android.

To Uninstall System App Updates (Rollback to the previous version of System Apps)

1. Open Device Settings

Smartphone Settings icon highlighted with yellow and teal color

Foremost, open the device settings by clicking on the icon shown in the below image. Tap on that, and it will open the apk of settings.

2. Tap On Apps

Apps tab highlighted with the red arrow in the Android mobile settings

In the smartphone settings, find and select the apps. This menu lists all the installed applications, including the system apps-games and other third-party apps-games that you install.

3. Select Any App To Uninstall Update (To Rollback to the Previous app version)

select any app to uninstall

From all the apps and games being listed, choose the app consciously to uninstall the recently installed update, whether from the google play store or a third-party site like uptodown.

You can know here, Is UpToDown.com safe to download files?

4. Tap On Three Dots Here

In the app, settings include all the basic settings of the app, permission used by the app, storage, mobile data, battery, and other aspects. Also read: Change the default data SIM card.

Here you will see the three dots in the top right corner, as shown in the image, tap on it.

uninstalling updates of system apps

5. Select Uninstall App Updates

At last, you’ll finally see the uninstall app updates tab. When pressed, the app update, which you might have updated recently or months back, will be uninstalled.

The above method is only and only applicable to the system app. The Apps which are preinstalled on your device cannot be uninstalled. For example, YouTube, Google Play Store, Gmail, etc.

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To Uninstall Any App Updates (Rollback to the Previous Update of Any Android App)

To do so, you have to keenly and attentively read the process. Come on. I’m kidding; nothing serious. Let’s get started.

1. Uninstall the App to Rollback update

uninstall the app

Hey, this is simple. You have to remove the installed app to roll back to the previous version of the app. You must get into the All apps list and select the preferred app.

Follow this: Open the settings > Tap on the app > Select the App > Check the installed version. Now keep this version number with you. 

  • Take a screenshot.
  • Write it down.

But don’t try to remember it.

2. Search for the App on Third-party sites (APKMIRROR, UPTODOWN)

all previous versions of app on uptodown

After searching for the app online, check the version. Install the previously released app. To Do so, look at the app release date. These sites always mention the version release date.

So, install the app after checking the version.

Key Takeaway

Here are a few things to know.

  • System apps (preinstalled) are easily rollable back to the factory version.
  • To roll back your preferred and non-system app, you have to know the app version.


Today I showed all the ways and methods to roll back apps on android and uninstall updated apps on any android device. The steps and proven method are the same and can be applied to any device. Have a nice day.

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