How to Unread Instagram Message 2022 (This Way)

Here is how to unread a message on Instagram. If you want to Mark any message on Instagram as unread then here is a guide that you can follow. The quick steps to unread messages on Instagram. 

So I don’t wanna waste your time by the way this website is completely based on Instagram tutorials related to Instagram

How to Unread Instagram Message

Now let’s directly move on to the actual tutorial on marking messages unread on Instagram. 

  • 1. Open Instagram chats.

    The first step is to open the Instagram app and then you need to tap on the messages icon. Where all the chats are shown. 

  • 2. Long Tap on the chat.

    Now long tap on the particular chat of whom you want to mark a message as unread. 

  • 3. Select “Mark as Unread”

    A new menu will appear where you have to select mark as unread to Mark any message or DM as unread on Instagram. 


Now you can see I have successfully marked this message as unread. It’s an easy way to do it. You can easily follow it for more tutorials. You can check out our how-to page. 

Marking messages unread won’t unread the message for others because there is no method to Mark an unread Instagram message for another person you can just mark for yourself to let you remind yourself that you have to read that message again. 

Mark Messages/DMs Unread Instagram

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So let me summarise everything that I talked about in this article. 

However, marking Instagram messages unread is not that hard. 

  • Open Instagram app > Tap on Messages. 
  • Here Press And hold on Chat to mark the message as unread. 
  • A new menu will appear > Here select “Mark as Unread Message”

That’s how to mark unread dm on Instagram. Have a nice day. 

Why can’t I unread messages on Instagram? 

There could be a few reasons why you can’t mark messages unread on Instagram. The primary reason why you can’t mark these messages as unread is a smartphone bug or corrupted cache files. However, fix it by updating the application or restarting the device. 

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