This Way Untag Yourself On Instagram! OMG, It Works :)

Does anyone tag you on Instagram posts? It is annoying, right? The same thing happened to me when one of my friends tagged me in his photos. 

However, I was not in the frame and even not clicking the picture so why did it tag me? Isn’t it crazy? So if you have a friend like mine then here is how to untag yourself from any post on Instagram or how to untag yourself on Instagram

In today’s article, I promise that you are gonna learn how to untag on Instagram. You can use this method to untag from any post and the post will be from your tagged page. 

So without wasting any more s scroll down and let’s dive into the actual tutorial on untangling yourself on insta. 

How to Untag Yourself On Instagram Posts, Video & Reels

Below is the complete procedure to untag yourself on Instagram if someone tagged you. I know how it feels when you get a lot of notifications of their likes and their comments because you are tagged in that post. So below is Instagram How to Turuoials on “how to untag me on Instagram”. 

  • 1. Open your profile on the app.

    So in the first step, you need to open the Instagram app and then tap on your profile. 

  • 2. Tap on Tagged Post.

    Here there is a dedicated option that will show all the posts that you are tagged into whether it is reel/photos it doesn’t matter all the things that in which you are tagged are showing on that page. 

    As you can see I have tagged into multiple Instagram posts now. I am gonna show you how I can untag myself with screenshots. Open any Instagram post where you are tagged in from that page. 

  • 3. Tap on Photo and Select your username.

    After opening the post you are tagged in to tap on the photo so IG will let you know all the persons who are tagged into that Insta post. In this step, you need to select your name. So when you tap on your name

  • 4. Tap on Remove me from post to untag yourself.

    It will show a new menu where there are few options to “remove yourself from tag” or to hide the post from your tagged page. 

    So here you need to click on “Remove me from post”. The moment you click on this button that Instagram post that you are tagged into will be untagged. 


Now as you can see you can check my above screenshot where there were seven Instagram posts but now there are 6 posts where I am tagged into. This is the method you can use to untag yourself from any Instagram post. 

Before you go anywhere don’t forget to bookmark this article so you can follow the step-by-step procedure while making sure that you still have all the steps. 

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So that’s it for today’s article today I showed you how to untag from Instagram posts or how you can actually under yourself from insta posts or videos. You can use this exact method if you are tagged into a real and if you want to untag yourself from Instagram reels a video. Also check: Instagram Keeps Crashing; While posting;story, reel, pics.

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