How to Use Reverse Image Search on Android 2022

In the past few months, Google has enhanced technology called “Reverse Image Search”. You can use this technology to search for anything from an image. Nowadays everyone wants to know how to use reverse image search android. 

When I showed my friend how it works he was amazed. What I did was I just clicked a picture of his scooty and performed a reverse image search using google lens. It was too accurate he guessed the Scooty model right. 

And today in this article I am going to break down “How to use reverse image search on Android” and how to use Google lens to do a reverse image search. Don’t worry because this article will cover everything about google reverse image search. 

What is Google’s Reverse Image Search – A Short Description

Google Lens is also known as the reverse image search by Google. It has the capability to reverse the search, to find anything from a photo like an object, person, living and non-living things. It is available for all Users who use the Google app or photos by Google. 

Let’s See How to Use Reverse Image Search on Android 

To run a reverse image search on your Android device you need a few things like the Google app or the photos by Google. There are two methods to use Google reverse image search on Android. 

Method #1: Using Reverse Image Search with Google App 

It is the first method in which we are going to perform an inverse image search on google app

So let’s dive into the tutorial. We are going to see how it works and how accurate it is. 

  1. Step Number 1: You need to open the Google app right from your App list. 
  2. Step Number 2: you will see an icon of the camera on the right side of the search bar. Tap on it. 
  3. Step Number 3: at this point, you have to click a picture or you can select any picture from your gallery. Which you want to use as reversal image search.
  4. Step Number 4: right after selecting the perfect image, you need to tap on the object that you want to reverse search from your picture. 
  5. Step Number 5: now you will see the results for that.
Step 1 Is to Tap on camera icon in google app to reverse image search
Step 1: Tap on camera icon in google app to reverse image search
using google lens to search reverse image
Step 2: Select a Image or Capture a Picture to search on Google
After searching reverse on google
Here you will get some Results for your query.
using google lens to search reverse image
Results of “Google Reverse Search Android”

So that is how reverse pictures search works on Android. Before you directly go and see how it works you should check out the results that I am going to mention in this article. Only 0.01% know how amazing is this.. reading the below-conducted test. 

And don’t forget to check out the second method using the Google photos app which is more useful. Because if you do a reverse photo search from the Google photos app you have some Advance options to copy the text from an image or copy number from an image etc. 

Method #2: Using reverse photo search with Google Photos app 

Ok so in this method we are going to use the Google photos app which is a gallery kind of app that shows you all your media files that are stored on your device. 

There are many benefits of using Google photos for reverse searching images. You can actually copy text and numbers from it. It’s a huge advantage.

Ok so let’s see how it works.

  • Step Number 1: open the photos app
  • Step Number 2: select the image that you want to reverse picture search on google. 
  • Step Number 3: scroll from downside to up and you will see an option called Google lens tap on it.
  • Step Number 4: at this point, you will see some selected text and some objects by Google. tap on anything you want to reverse search on Google using your Android. 
using google lens to search reverse image
Step 1: Select any Image and Tap on Google Lens
Results of using reverse image search android via photos
Results of using reverse image search android via photos

That is how Google lens reverse photo search works on Android by using method number 2 in which we used a photos app by Google. 

Is Reverse Image Search (Google Lens) accurate? 

In my observations, Google lens, also called reverse image search, are not so accurate. Because Google is still developing this technology to make a reverse image search more accurate.

I used this inverse image search a few times and only 2-3 times I got the actual results that I was looking for. 

In this image as you can see I was finding this pen. This pen came from a cello company. And this pen is known as butterflow. 

using google lens to search reverse image
Quite Impressive Results.

Now you can see the results that are quite impressive. I got what I was looking for. As you can see in the image, the pen is called butterflow from the cello company. In the results, you can see I got similar pens which are also butterflow which means the results are too good. 

However, in some cases, the results are not that good or accurate enough to know what is that thing that we are looking for. 

Final words – Google Reverse Picture Search

At this point, if you are still here and reading this I would suggest you should use Google lens or so-called reverse image search. 

It’s quite impressive when it comes to an object which you are not familiar with and you want to find it. 

Google has been developing this technology for years and now it was launched a few years back but every day it is improving and taking feedback from the users and the above image you can see Google told me to Answer the results: is it accurate or not? 

I think the Google lens is going to change the history of search engines. Every day there are thousands of people who are using this and even you can copy the whole homework or the text from the notebooks, books, etc. 

Hopefully, that’s it for today. Today I showed you how to use reverse image search on Android. How does this technology work? Is it accurate or not? I answer all your questions in one article and it’s backdroid, the place where you will get tutorials and the best Android apps.

Let me know in the comments if you get accurate results or not don’t forget to bookmark this page and let me know in the comments what your experience of using “Inverse Image Search” is and I will definitely reply. 

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