Use this Smart feature to Save storage

Tell me the truth: How many screenshots are in your smartphone gallery? We all like that guy who loads up screenshots which are not useful. 


Many of us don’t even have an idea of how full storage can hurt your device. It can decrease your device performance, decrease the battery life, and make your smartphones super slow. 

Have you ever suffered from low storage on your smartphone? I think most of us once in a while suffer from the less storage on this Smartphone device. Hey this side Jay Kapoor and in this article, I am gonna show you one smart setting that only smart people use to save their phone’s storage.

This Smart AI Will FreeUp the Storage 

Many of us are paying money to free up the storage device. But why is this when Google is providing their own app which files go with you can use to free up the phone storage easily? 

This app is completely powered by Google which uses artificial intelligence that will separate all the old photos, memes, and old screenshots. To give your fluidity to clean up them. 

FunFact About Files Go About Google 

Google has developed their app so much that it will categorize all the duplicate photos, even it will suggest the best version of photos which one you should keep. 

Believe it or not, I use Google’s app and trust him blindly. I just click on that select button and delete all and believe me it doesn’t hurt me. 

The question is how to use this application: 

  • First of all, go to the Google Play Store and download files by Google. 
  • Second, open the application and let it scan on your smartphone once to understand the files that are in your storage. 
  • After the full scanning process, you will see multiple options to clean up junk, duplicate images, old screenshots, memes, etc. 
  • Select anyone and clean it up. 
files go recommendation

The Multifunctionality Of Google’s Smart App 

The list doesn’t and here it has endless features that you could use for your benefit. Even though there are no ads in the app. 

1. File Sharing App 

Even Google has provided the feature to share files from one phone to another phone and believe me it is one of the fastest file transfer of file sharing apps. Why? because this app uses your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth together to send or receive files. 

2. The Migrator 

This app also can be used for the migration of your data which is stored on the internal storage and you can move to an SD card just by one tap. 

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This is Jay Kapoor. I have written an article for the first time on any website. I a website called The founder of backdroid, Kunal is one of my close friends so I have written this article for him. Let me know in the comments if you liked it or not. 

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