7+ Best Video Player Apps for Android 2022 (no ads)

Are you looking for the Best Video Player for Android?

Do you remember days when we watch videos in 3Gp and MP4 format? But as time went on, tons of video player apps on the Play Store played every format of video.

But most people don’t bother to switch their Default Video Player with a New one with surprising features like “Play Videos in the background” or a “Multi Screen Mode.”

Osm video player for Android
‘like this one.’

Great News: The last thing is that These are Free Video players without Ads!

All-time Best Video Player Apps for Android 2022

These apps are Completely free video players with Tons of Hidden Settings:•.

Now let’s get started with the 1st video player.

1. Video Player all format: New video player

Video player all formats

Video player is a video playback app that helps you directly play all formats like 4K, 1080p, etcetera into your device.

This app has 10+ great features. Let me show you some of them:

  • Play HD, full HD, 1080p, and 4K video
  • It Supports ALL FORMAT, including AVI, MP3, WAV, AAC, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLAC, 3GP, M4V, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc.
  • You can Play videos in the Background
  • Play in Pop-up Window
  • It has a Music player with an equalizer and presets
  • The video player has a Subtitle download support
  • You can play videos in a loop or Repeat Mode

Download this App

2. Lua Player

Lua Video Player App

Lua player is a fully customizable video player app, and you can also customize the floating window size. 

This app is completely optimized for Multitasking. This app is best for you if you want to watch videos while you are working or chatting.

Main Features of this Video Player App

  • Resize the floating window and Greatly optimize for Multitasking
  • It has an Amazing UI and Design, a Plus point of this app.
  • Play videos directly from the Internet just by adding the URL to it

Download this Video Player

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3. CM Video Player Without Ads

Cm Video Player without ads

CM video player is entirely offline; without ads, you can watch your favorite videos without distracting ads.

CM video player comes with the basic features but is a lite video player app around 1.8 MB and has more than 10k + downloads.

Essential Features of this app:

  • CM Video Player supports many format files – mp4, mkv, hevc, etc. in the best quality.
  • Completely free video player with Gesture Controls
  • In-built File sharing option to share videos 

Download this app

4. Osm video player: Video Player without ADs!

Osm video player for Android

This app has a kind of weird name:).”Osm” = Awesome!

OSM video player is better than the CM video player because it has more features than the same video player. It is designed for Multitasking, and it also supports tons of gesture features.

Sometimes it happens that the video is playing, and the subtitles are not matching with that. In other words, they are not Syncing properly.

But this app is a solution to all of these problems.

Features of this app

  • Ultra Zoom: This app has Pinch to Zoom and Pan videos like never before
  • AD FREE: Osm Video player will be Ad free for the next six months as they say
  • Subtitle Download: Osm player has direct movie subtitle search & download options
  • ✓ Best Feature: Sync Subtitles: Swipe back & forth to sync mismatched subtitles
  • Equalizer & BASS: Feel music videos like never before 

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5. PLAYit: Best New Video Player

Playit player for Android

PLAYIt is a simple but powerful video player app. The app’s UI is elegant and easy to use for every Age.

This is a bonus feature if you like to watch videos for a long time. This app has Eye care or eye protection mode, which minimizes eye damage while Watching Videos on an Android device.

PLAYit Features:

  • Easy of use with a Simple and Elegant UI
  • Clear display and a Smooth Playback Experience
  • Eye Protection Mode that Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

Download this app

6. XD Video Player: No ads

xd video player without ads

This video player has recently launched in the Play Store, and it is an entirely free video player app, but it is the biggest thing that it has only 100 + downloads.

In my opinion, this app should have more than 10k plus downloads because this app deserves it.

You can watch videos online by entering the URL of thattheeo you want to watch using this XD video player app.


  • It Supports Network Stream
  • Plus, Backward and Forward video controls
  • An option for Kids lockNo Ads
  • Minimal UI
  • Easy-to-use interface

Download this app

7. MX Video Player: Top free video Player

Mx Video Player App

I don’t have to say more about the MX video player app because you have heard about this app.

This app is mostly trending in second place among top free video players and editors.

It has thousands of stunning features that help you while watching videos.

But the Con is not entirely free, and this app contains ads without ads. But here is a solution you can download that video and play it after turning your internet service off.

Features Packed in this App

  • MX video player has Hardware Acceleration with the new HW+ decoder
  • Android video player with multi-core decoding
  • Pinch to Zoom Zoom & Pan
  • Subtitle Gestures – Scroll forward/backward to move to next/previous text, Up/down to move text up and down, Zoom in/out to change text size
  • Subtitle formats: DVD, DVB, SSA/*ASS* subtitle tracks, SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.*ass*), SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support, SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub) & more

And also, you can play YouTube videos from this app (Save Data on YouTube) and watch some of the free web series using this MX Video Player.

Download this app

The Conclusion: Which one is the Best Video Player App for Android

It is tough to decide on a particular app to give him the best video player tag, but there are the top 2 best video player apps that I will recommend others to use one is without ads, and the second is with ads: 

  • 1st – The winner is the MX video player
  • 2nd- XD video player

List of Best Video Players for Android Without Ads 2022

Here’s the best video player for android without ads! yes, no ads video player.

  1. CM Video Player
  2. OSM Video Player
  3. XD Video Player

All the Apps in the List

  1. Video Player all format.
  2. Lua Player.
  3. CM Video Player Without Ads
  4. Osm video player.
  5. PLAYit.
  6. XD Video Player.
  7. MX Video Playe.

So here I declared the top 2 most fantastic video player apps. Check more apps; Backdroid Apps.

That’s it for today, guys. I hope you will get the best video player app for your Android device without ads, and don’t forget to comment on which Video Player app you will use.

Thanks for Reading this! Have a Nice Day.

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