How to View or Find Apk files on any Smartphone

Find or View APK files.
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To view. APK files on Any Android device, this is the quick and easy tutorial you’re looking for.

.APK extension is the most used and downloadable file these days. Not surprisingly, APK download is one of the most searched terms in the US. Globally, more than 63 million people are searching for this.

Let’s dive into the Tutorial.

Below is the entire procedure to view any existing apk files stored on Android. Learn in BackDroid Style.

Open file File manager → Tap on Installation file → Here are all the installation (.apk) files listed.

I know you’re looking for screenshots; the good news is we got some screenshots for you. To view, apk file procedure, you can follow the process on Any Android.

A thumbnail to Find or View APK files

Step-by-step procedure to View or Find Apk files [#1]

1. Open the File Manager

File manager from the apps list

You can find the file manager from the apps list or tap on the search bar to find it.

And then tap on it to open it.

2. Tap APK or Installation Files

Apk files are the only files that applications can install on android. So, if you find the installation file tab, tap on it.

Installation Files apk in the file manager app

Mainly, this tab is titled installation files, and the icon is shown as .apk.

3. Here’s the list of All the Apps (apks)

When you enter the tab, you will find all the apps stored on your device. The list will be in the order that you selected.

all the apks in file manager

This list can be: 

  • By Size.
  • By Name.
  • Date modified.

It is a three-step procedure to check all the apps stored on an Android. This can be done using any file manager app.

#2 Method to See Stored Apps

We’ll walk through the process if the installation tab is not on your device.

1. Open the File Manager

File manager from the apps list

Open the file manager app.

2. Tap on the search bar

file manager search bar

Here tap on the search bar.

3. Search ‘.apk’

all the apks in file manager

If you search “.apk” you’ll find all the stored apk files.

Above shared the method to follow on the device on which the file manager doesn’t show the Installation apps or files option.

We have also provided screenshots. I have shared the screenshot of two different devices’ file manager apps. One is Samsung’s M33, and the second is by Realme, which runs on Android 10. Also, read List of the Best File Sharing Apps.

On both devices, we saw the tab. But for the rare case, we shared the other matter too.


In today’s article, we shared How to Find stored or downloaded apps on Android, Shared the whole process with the screenshot.

I hope you find this helpful article.

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