Vodafone balance check: How you can check Vi balance

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Do you use Vodafone? If yes then According to Wikipedia there are 281+ Million customers trust Vodafone/idea like you and me. That’s why the company allows their customers to check their Vodafone data balance and overall Vodafone Balance from various methods.

Vodafone and Idea have now come together to form Vodafone Idea Limited. Now It is India’s Largest Telecom Company. 

Today I’m gonna show you How to check Vodafone balance/Vodafone balance check and everything how you can check data balance in Vodafone and your Vodafone balance.

Vodafone balance check 

So now I’m gonna show you how to check your balance in Vi? Whether it’s data/net, call, SMS etc.

How to check net/data balance in Vodafone (Vi)

So here is a USSD code that will help you to check your internet balance or internet data usage in Vodafone / Vi. This code is officially provided by the Vi for their customers Facility. 

To check your net/data balance in Vodafone dial *199*2*2# or You can dial *111*2*2# to check all your data balance in Vodafone & Idea(Vi).

  1. *199*2*2# – Internet Usage
  2. *199*2*2*1# – Total Data Usage
  3. *199*2*2*2# – Daily Data Usage

How to check the main balance in Vodafone?

Here I will show you another USSD code to check your main balance of your Vodafone SIM. 

USSD code for Vodafone balance

In order to check your Vodafone main balance dial *199*2*1# or you can dial *144#.

Vodafone balance check number 

In order to check your Vodafone balance here is a number for it you can dial 199 or 9811098110. This is the Vodafone customer care number and just by following this procedure you can know your balance. Also read: Vi APN Settings for Faster Internet 2021

How to check Vodafone balance

Here I will share three plus two ways to check your balance in Vodafone whether it’s data / Internet, calls or SMS you can check everything these ways.

Useful USSD codes for Vodafone 

Codes for ViPrepaid New Menu Flow(*199#)
HomeOutgoing Validity :- Date-Month-Year
HomeA/C Bal:Rs
*199*1#1 Best Offers
*199*2#2 Balance & Usage
 A/C Bal:Rs xx.xx
*199*2*1#        1.All Balance
*199*2*2#        2.Internet Usage
*199*2*2*1#              1.Total Data Usage
*199*2*2*2#              2.Daily Data Usage
*199*2*2*3#              3. Start Data Notifications
*199*2*2*4#              4. Stop Data Notifications
*199*2*3#3 Last 3 Calls and SMS details
*199*2*4#4 Latest VAS deductions of last 3 days
*199*2*5#5 Latest Recharge details of last 3 days
*199*3#3 Manage Account
*199*3*1#1 Activate VAS
*199*3*2#2 Deactivate VAS
*199*3*3#3 Song Change
*199*3*4#4 Email ID Updation
*199*3*5#5 Chotta credit
*199*3*5*1#         1. Buy Chotta credit
*199*3*5*2#         2. Chotta credit history
*199*3*6#6 PUK Number
*199*4#4 Go Digital
*199*4*1#1 Download Vi App
*199*4*2#2 Download Vic on Whatsapp
*199*4*3#3 Download Caller Tune App
*199*4*4#4 Download Vi Movies & TV App
*199*5#5 Recharge
*199*5*1#1 Enter MRP
*199*5*2#2 Unlimited Packs
*199*5*3#3 Combo Packs
*199*5*4#4 Data Packs
*199*5*5#5 International Roaming Packs
*199*6#6 Other Details
*199*6*1#1 Find a Vi Store
*199*6*2#2 Check 4G Status
*199*6*3#3 Quick help

For Postpaid Vi codes check this out.

How to check Vodafone balance using their app 

So here’s a guide that will help you to check your balance using their official Vi app.

Vi app to know vi balance
  • First of all download Vi app
  • Enter your number and sign into the app
  • Now the followed up page will tell you everything about your Vi balance.

How to know your Vodafone balance via online

check vodafone balance online

So if you are thinking of checking Vodafone balance online then these are the two best ways to check it out.

  1. You can download the Vi App and view your service validity on the homescreen.
  2. You can dial *199# and choose the relevant option to know your service validity.

Hopefully these are the best ways to check Vodafone balance online.

So that’s it for today guys today I taught you how to check Vodafone balance using different methods like by calling on a number to check balance, using USSD code, using the mobile app or even online. Hopefully you got everything. 

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