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Here's How to convert Voice to Text. One of the easiest ways to use type using Voice to text conversion.
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Want to convert voice into text on Android? Then today, I will show you exactly How to Convert Voice to Text on Android.

And you will be amazed by this by most of the writers who write 4000-5000 words, and They generally convert their voice into text using any smartphone or Android device.

And even nowadays, thousands of people use this technique to write fast using their voice. You can use voice typing for writing emails, sending SMS, and texting your friend secretly.

2 Ways to convert your Voice to Text – Android 

So there are two different ways you can try conversion, which will help you write hundreds of words.

  1. By Voice Input of the keyboard (for writing emails and messages) 
  2. Or Google Doc. (for writing articles, essays, long messages, etc.)

Let’s do voice type using Keyboard app

Only a few people know that their keyboard has a voice typing feature. This is one of the great features that Google would have, and Google has a database that recognizes our words more accurately than any app.

How do I activate voice-to-text on Android?

To do voice typing using gboard, you have to follow the below procedure to do voice typing.

  • First, open any app you can type into, such as Email or Messages, then tap the text field so the on-screen keyboard appears.
  • Now click on the voice input button, which looks like a microphone.
  • And now, speak what you want to write to convert your voice into text.

Step-by-step to use voice-to-text conversion

step 1: Tap on any text field using any app

open any app and tap on text field
STEP1: Open Any App > Tap the Text Field

step 2: tap on the voice input icon

tap on voice input button
STEP2: Tap on Voice Input Icon

step 3: start speaking when it shows ‘Speak Now

start speaking for voice typing
STEP3: Start Speaking for Voice Typing

So this is how you can use Google board to convert your voice into text on any Android device, and Google board is one of the best apps that I tried for voice typing because Google has the technology to recognize most of the words that you speak, whether you speak in any language.

So let’s move on to the second way that will help you to write essays or long articles just by speaking, even if I use Google docs.

Using Google Docs 

Google docs are one of the apps that came from Google for writing or making resumes. But I use this for writing essays and writing emails. And you can use Google docs for Speech recognition.

To convert your voice into text, follow the below procedure:

  • Open Google docs and tap on the plus button at the bottom.
  • Now tap on the text field, and the keyboard will appear.
  • At last, tap on the Voice Input button, which looks like a microphone.  
  • Done; start speaking what you want to write.
open google docs tap on voice input icon
STEP1: Open Docs > Tap on Microphone Icon
converting voice to text
STEP2: Here, Start Speaking. It will write what you said.

It works with Internet.

So using this method can help you because it is the best method if you want to write long articles or long-form messages with hundreds or thousands of words.

Some advanced Tips for Voice typing 

I know most of us like voice typing because it saves our time and energy. Because when we are writing long messages, sometimes we forget spelling or we forget to press any button, then we have to go back and correct that mistake, and that’s a time-consuming process, right? We all suffer from that.

So here are some tips, or you can say advice that you can follow whenever you are using voice typing.

  • Speak slowly and wisely: If you are speaking too fast or not pronouncing words at the correct time, you will make mistakes. And then, you need to go back and correct that mistake to avoid it. Speak slowly and give appropriate timing between sentences.
  • Avoid Noisy Environment: It’s better to avoid a noisy environment.
  • Speak punctuation: If you are using voice typing and converting your voice into text, then you should pronounce things like “Full stop” and “Comma.” Suppose if you are typing “hi, how are you question mark comma, I’m fine,” or Something like that. Then you should pronounce., And all the marks
  • Set Preferred Language: Whenever you are using voice typing, you should set your preferred language to suppose you are from India and speak Indian English. Then, you should go into the Google board settings and set the voice typing language to English India. 
  • One language at a Time: If you are from a place where there is more than one language, and you are using voice typing, and simultaneously you are using both languages, suppose you are using Spanish and English at the same time, and it is gonna interrupt the whole experience of using voice to text converter right. That’s why I use a single language at a time.

Benefits of using it

If you are thinking about what are the benefits of it and whether we should use voice writing or not, then here are all your answers. 

First of all, here are the benefits of using voice typing:

  • Improve speaking skills: if you are using voice typing and practicing it repeatedly, it will improve your speaking skills not only in front of humans but also from the robot’s perspective. It may be hugely beneficial if they understand what you’re saying.
  • Saves time: if you always try it, then it will save your time because suppose if you want to explain something to someone then you have to write a hundred words and you have to write it from your keyboard then it would be a time-consuming process but what if you use it. This will save you time.

Ok, so these are the benefits from my perspective.

Other Helpful Resouces and references



Voice-to-text conversion is one of the great features, right? Even if you are reading this, you know how vital voice typing is in the current time, where we have to save every minute. 

Whether you use it or not, you must understand the importance of voice typing and converting your voice into text.

Even I shared some of its benefits that will improve your speaking skills.

So that’s it for today. I showed you How to Use Voice Typing on Android or to enable it.

And also I shared some advanced tips that one should keep in mind while using it.

Let me know in the comments if this article is helpful for you, and don’t forget to leave a comment below. I would love to see your comment below, so please comment.

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