5 Best Wallpaper Apps – Android 2022

Wallpaper is the mirror of our personality, it tells everything about us. So why not to have the Best wallpaper app for your android device.
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Wallpaper Apps Android: Oops no one wants to get bored from their smartphone and sometimes we like other smartphones like “his smartphone is so good” but we forget about one thing.

Android, our smartphones are running on Android OS which is specially known for customisation and flexibility. 

Customising any phone could be tough and could be easily the easiest way to do that is changing the wallpaper.

According to Android authority more than 33% of people use third party wallpaper apps then it becomes difficult for us to decide which wallpaper app we should use.

So I have picked 5 best wallpaper apps that you definitely like from abstract, minimalistic, superheroes ,classy ,nature, cinematic to Funky wallpaper apps. 

Best Wallpaper App for Android | 4K & HD Wallpaper Apps

Note: all the apps which I am going to show you below are the free wallpaper apps that means you don’t need to pay money. Let’s dive into these wallaper apps:

1. 4K Wallpapers – Wallpaper app 2022

4k wallpapers

This is the craziest wallpaper app that I have ever seen before when I opened This app and started crawling for the best wallpaper. Then I found tons of wallpapers to download and to apply them. In fact , I’ve downloaded 4-5 wallpapers that I felt were good.

4K wallpaper is a great wallpaper app for your Android device in fact I am using this.


  • In this app you will categorise wallpaper like minimalistic, reflection, funky, superheroes, cars, bikes, Abstract.
  • And also there is an option called trending tab in which there are lots of trend setters trending on this app and getting lots of downloads.


  • The only con is it ads whenever you save any wallpaper and press back button then it suddenly video at load up and you have to wait for it only thing that I felt.

2. WallsPY – Minimal wallpapers

wallsPy 4k, hd wallpapers

Wallsp is also a great wallpaper app that I used recently and that there is something missing like I didn’t get the feel of the proper wallpaper app but overall the great app that filled with great wallpapers.


  • If you like cartoon wallpapers,  funny wallpapers or superhero wallpapers then the app is just for you to go here and there are lots of superhero and cartoon wallpapers with Spiderman, Hulk, courage the cowardly dog many more.
  • Everything is categorized to suffer easily. 
wallspy screenshot


  • As usually the only small bottom add but it’s ok.

This happens the minimum ads and it is a new wallpaper app that has over 100K Plus wallpapers and a 4.0 Plus star rating according to this it’s a great app that provides a great User experience.

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3. Wallpaper app by Google 2022

wallpaper app by google

This is the best ever wallpaper app that is provided by the Google officials that has the max number of downloads as compared to other wallpaper apps. This app has 100 Million downloads.


  • This is an easy to use app with tons of great wallpapers
  • It has a Feature called “Daily New Wallpapers” which automatically sets a new wallpaper everyday
  • This app has categorised wallpaper 


  • The only thing that I felt is Limited number of wallpapers
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4. Walli: 4K-HD wallpapers and backgrounds

walli wallpaper app

Walli wallpaper app that I’ve been using for the past few years. This app has hundreds of Amazing wallpaper in 4K even in HD quality that we can download and set on our Home or lock screen.


  • Everything is So Simple even a 9 years old kid can use this app
  • This wallpaper app has Creative wallpaper which is really great.
  • You can also post the best wallpaper that you clicked and grow your followers!
  • Walli has 100+ trendy wallpapers


  • This app drains battery a bit faster than other apps

Overall a Massive difference between this wallpaper and other apps is that this app has a Minimalistic UI and Animations that I liked the most.

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5. Wall X – Unique wallpaper app

best wallpaper app

When I started using this wallpaper app I got stuck into it with its minimalistic UI and very few ads. This app doesn’t destroy my User experience but it helps me to find more wallpaper. It’s a Insane minimalistic wallpaper app with great User experience.

When you open this app this app will set a proper display size for your mobile like in my case I have a realme device and when I open this app it shows me the model number of my device.


  • Best wallpaper app for Android
  • Very few ads I use this for 10 minutes and seen only one ad
  • Very easy to use with great UI
  • 27 Different categories with 3 Different tabs: Newest, Popular, Featured


  • There is only one call that I sent in this app is the navigation when you go into its categories

Conclusion on Wallpaper Apps 2022

On standard, nowadays, we check our Smartphones over a hundred times a day. Our phone wallpaper being the first thing that we see, it can really influence our mood and it is also a great way to express our unique personality. To See Other Apps; Do so by clicking here.

So it’s necessary to use the Best wallpaper app because there are hundreds of wallpaper apps out there in Google Playstore.

So that’s it guys these are the 5 best wallpaper app that I have ever used that you can also use in your Android phone which bring me to a point that 

Which wallpaper app you gonna use?

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