2 Ways to Print Emails from Android (with screenshots)

Here's how to print email on an Android device. An easy tutorial. Step-by-step procedure to print emails with attachments. With screenshots.
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Here’s a tutorial on Printing emails from an Android smartphone that you are looking for.

Today’s tutorial will provide you with all the extra resources, including a Youtube video guide from our channel.

Printing emails can be tricky, but getting it easier to do. It is required to print emails containing data points, government documents, or official files.

Without any further deployment, let’s dive into it.

Thumbnail in the green background with the email app opened and text print emails on android written on left

Here I’m going to show you two main steps to do it.

In the first one, I’ll be using default android settings. Then in the second step, I would use a third-party app to print Emails.

How to Print Emails On Android (Without Any Additional App)

This method would showcase some beginner steps you can efficiently perform on your device. This requires the Gmail app, available on all Android devices except the rooted ones.

1. Open the Email App in case of android, and open the Gmail app.

gmail app

2. Select or Open any email that you want to email.

opened the gmail apps and all emails listing

3. Tap on three dots from the top right side.

Note: there are two-three dots in the Gmail app, the above (1.) is to print the entire conversation, and the second is to print one email.

to print email and to print email conversation

4. Tap on print.

Printing email from gmail app

5. Then select the printer.

additional option for printing

6. Tap on print to print.

Note: Before tapping on print, make sure to fill in additional information, too, such as pages to print, color print, or black and white. Preovisluy, we wrote an article on ways to save email as pdf.

I have attached all the required screenshots and a YouTube video that will guide you further to do it.

Do I Need An App To Print Emails?

do you need it gif

No, it is not necessary to install an app to get printing done; users can use the Gmail app to get it done. Users can open the sedated email, tap on three dots from the top right, then tap on the print button/option. At last, choose the pages to print, then hit the print button.

I must show you some alternate ways, so here we go now.

Below I have mentioned some applications to try on android that would help further print your emails.

2. Way to Do it With An Additional App

I will use Mopria Print Service, a valuable app for printing emails. However, there are a few alternatives.

For the tutorial, I will use the Mopria Print service apk.

  1. Open Gmail or any email app.
  2. Select the Email to print.
  3. Tap three dots, then tap print.
  4. In the pop-up menu, select Mopria or any other printing app.
  5. Now, select the required info, and hit print.

This can be the easiest way to get it printed.

If you’re using any other printing service app, you have to select that app when you tap the print button from the email-receiving app.

Can I Print Emails From My Android Phone?

Yes, the easiest method to do this is by using the Gmail app. Gmail gives the ability to print emails.

But here’s the catch: What if you cannot print email from your android?

That’s the worst case when you are in a hurry or late.

Why Can’t I Print Emails From My Phone?

If you cannot print emails from your android device, there’s something wrong with the app or the printer, so you cannot get the job done.

To fix this, check the printer first, then second, check the app you are using to print.

For instance, If using the Gmail app, try to clear the Gmail app’s cache or try updating the app with the latest available version.

Email apps always provide printing options; users can print a single conversation in email and all conversions in one email.

Most Android users are using Gmail. According to a report, Gmail has 1.8 billion active users worldwide. That’s why I’m more focused on Android. If you’re facing any google related issues, then we have solutions for them.

Moreover, Gmail users have many millennials who use daily. Millennials are people who are born between 1981 to 1996.

According to stats from Findstack, Gmail is the third most crucial app.

But When I ran the survey amongst them, results found that Gmail is the second most used app by them. I ran this survey using the story’s Instagram ads and polls feature.

Now let’s see how to print emails with attachments on Android using Gmail or any other application.

Print Email Attachments too

Steps are different when printing emails with attachments such as pdf, invoices, word files, or other files.

So, to do it, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Open the email.
  2. Tap on the attachment file.
  3. Select three dots, then select print.
printing email attachments

Android can’t print the email with attachments; it prints one thing at a time. Firstly, print the email, select the attached file, and print it.

However, some premium versions of applications available on the Google Play Store can perform this type of print. So, below I’m listing those apps that are premium.

List of Premium Printing Apps

  1. PrinterShare Mobile Print.
  2. Email – Fast & Secure Mail.

Other Helpful Resouces and References


In this article, I guided you through all the steps to perform the desired task efficiently. I hope you find the video helpful. If foes, then make sure to comment.

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