5 Ways to Refresh an Android phone

A tutorial on refreshing android smartphones using five easy ways. Step-by-step method. All the screenshots and videos are attached.
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In today’s tutorial, I will teach you how to refresh an android phone and share five ways to refresh an android phone easily and instantly. There are very few ways to perform a refresh on the OS.

Android Os is unlike windows, where you right-click on the desktop and refresh the windows. Android OS is pretty different, and there’s no direct option to refresh android. Still, we connected all the pieces into an article.

However, I gathered some pieces into an article that can make it happen, so let’s dive in.

5 Ways To Refresh Android OS

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Below, please share all the ways, keep patience and let’s go.

Here are five methods to rejuvenate your Android phone:

  1. Clear Android app cache and data.
  2. Update apps.
  3. Factory reset (back up first).
  4. Replace battery.

1. Perform A Restart

Restarting can be the world’s best way for any device to get refreshed quickly. On most android devices, apps and services are constantly running and collecting all the cached files and data, including some hidden cache.

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What happens when you restart is. When you restart the device, it automatically cleans all the junk, apps, and services, including some not valuable things from the background, and then when it turns on again, you might see a fast response rate.

This is solely because a restart is equal to a refresh.

2. Clear Junk Files From the Device

You must delete some junk files manually because not all files can be deleted by restarting, so refresh the device clean files, including the hidden junk, AKA data.

The best way is to use a third-party app such as a file by google, CCleaner, or system settings to get work done.

Clearning cache vector or illustrator

Below is how to do it manually:

  • Open any clearing app.
  • Run and analyze your device using it.
  • Please tap on the clean/clear button to clean it.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode

The third way is to toggle the airplane mode, firstly turning it on, then turning it off back. This gives an instant refresh to android in terms of a network. Only sometimes, but the network can be crucial while refreshing or improving the performance of Android.

Turn on and off airplane mode

When there’s a load on the network to constantly get the best signal strength possible, it starts lagging in fixing it. It is the best way to refresh android by refreshing the network.

To Turn On And Off Airplane Mode

  • Open the quick access panel.
  • Tap on airplane mode.
  • Please wait for a few settings until it is enabled.
  • Then tap on airplane mode again.

4. Reset System Settings

One thing to keep in mind, referring can also be done by resetting the android settings. We misconfigured some of the smartphone settings more often, which led to slowed-down devices.

reset tab in device settings (general mangment tab)

This makes the android refresh more of a necessity. So, reset the system settings.

What Happens After Resetting System settings?

Reset system settings, and reset all the android settings, including things you changed or personalized. Also read: What Reset Network Settings do Android & iOS.

all reset options

Below I’m showing you how to do it:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap General & Backup and reset.
  3. Tap Factory data reset.
  4. Select Reset System settings.
  5. Confirm resetting.

5. Update System OS

So, system updates are necessary, too; when android is running on the older version of Android, there’s nothing to do with it. So, android can be refreshed completely by updating the system. Or by installing the latest security patch update on your device.

Above I shared five ways to refresh an android smartphone instant, and all the ways are safe to proceed and apply.

update the app asap

Now, what if the above steps are somehow not working? Then below, I’m listing a solution.

Why Is My Phone Not Refreshing?

If you cannot refresh the android, then restart your device. This will make a clear start to android, which is as good as refreshing.


I hope you found the article helpful. If you do, share the article or leave a comment below.

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