5 Best Weather Apps for Android in 2022

Now today in this post I am gonna show you the best weather apps for android 2022 that you can use in 2022 that means you will stay updated all the time of your weather from anywhere you are from (USA, India or anywhere).

In fact, I recommend these weather apps to my family and friends who want to stay updated about their current weather.

And you are Like my family:)

So let’s dive in with the best weather apps:

Best Weather Apps for Android 2022

We have selected all these apps according to the accuracy of the weather, you will find the most accurate weather app which provides accurate temperature.

Local weather forecast: Weather app for 2022

Local weather forecast app

Local weather forecast This is the best weather forecast app which provides you accurate forecasts about your weather.

This app also has a feature of the widget, that you can add on your home screen and get updated anytime.

Local weather has a global weather forecast, for example Los Angeles, Bangkok, Berlin, Sydney and other countries as well.

  • Daily accurate weather forecast
  • All the local places included in this app
  • Bonus of weather widget and status bar that you can add upon to your home screen.

“Best weather apps for Android”

In fact by using this app you can carefully make your plans to go somewhere else and enjoy it, and whether won’t interrupt you.

AccuWeather: Live weather maps and Forecast

AccuWeather best weather app 2021

AccuWeather is the all time best weather app for android that you can use, it has over hundred millions downloads that means this app is trusted by millions of people.

This app has everything that you need to know about your weather from today’s weather to next day’s weather forecast.

  • Pretty simple to use 
  • Get storm, snowfall alerts before they happen
  • Accurate live weather forecast that means stay updated every minute
  • Underground weather

This is the Best launcher for android 2022.

Weather clock widget – Best widget weather app for Android

Weather widget app

Are you tired of opening the app and checking, what’s the weather today then  this app is for you because this app has an inbuilt widget that you can add on your home screen that helps you to get the latest update about your weather.

  • Multiple types of weather widgets
  • These widgets update in every 15 minutes or you can customise the timing
  • Best widget weather app 
  • Most accurate weather forecast

If you really want a weather widget app then this is for you, you can download this app.

Weather and Radar USA – Weather app for USA 

Best weather app for USA

If you are from the USA then this is the best weather app for you because this app is specially for USA people. It has every location from the USA that you can use to check the temperature, weather forecast or snow alerts from this app.

This app is trusted by 50millions Amaricans.

  • It has precise data and forecast
  • Also the widget option and local temperature, ice and snow risk
  • Weather and Radar USA has weather maps to see weather geographically
  • Best Weather app for USA

I am not from the USA but still I suggest this app if you are from the USA!

Weather forecast and Snow Radar – Best weather app for android 2022

Weather forecast and Snow Radar ( Best weather app for Android 2021)

Weather forecast and snow radar helps you to face any extreme weather.

This app has everything that you need like this app has like; weather forecast, weather maps, weather prediction, snow alerts, flood alerts everything that you want.

Now you can track the extreme weather alerts and used thanks to this app, let’s see what developer tells about the app;

  • Weather your way! Get a personalized weather map and check weather conditions in a new way. Discover a live weather radar, a storm tracker, and our Feels Like feature.
  • NOAA severe weather alerts – Get push notifications for all severe weather updates with our storm tracker. From a tornado to a snow storm, we help you stay safe.
  • Track weather alerts & conditions – Stay alert with our hurricane tracker, and get weather alerts with our storm radar.

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Weather app by Google – Best free Weather app for Android

Free weather app

This is the best weather app I have ever seen before, Because Google has weather knowledge of all places and whatever weather you want to know.

But there is a problem,

If you want to enable the Google weather app then you have to follow this instruction which are given below

First open the Google app and say what’s the weather today, and the results came in front of you and click on it and it will open the weather app

Google weather

Just after typing weather you will get a “add to screen” option simply tap on it and you have done.


Secondly then you have to click on the three lines which are on your left hand side click on it and in this you will get a “Add home screen” option, clicking on it and the weather app icon, will go to your  home screen.

Best weather app for Android 2021

Wait a minute, This is 2022 and this is the Best Apps.

Today Weather – Widget, Forecast and alerts (2022)

Today weather

This is a stunning weather app. Today’s weather is a minimal weather app with a Great UI and also it is easy to use. It has an in -depth and detailed weather forecast which helps you to make your plans full Proof!

In my opinion you can use this weather app download.

Everything that you want from this app it has everything like

  • It is full of widgets
  • Track 20+ cities
  • Accurate weather forecast
  • Air quality index (AQI)
  • Weather temperature

Bonus weather app- First Weather Forecast (Free weather app download)

First forecast : Free weather app download

This is a new and stylish weather app. If you love stylish things then you can go with this best weather app for 2022.

And this app has a bonus option, yeah you got the bonus on the bonus, now the bonus is you can compare the weather of two different cities. 

  • Two weeks future weather forecast
  • You can say the weather of any city in the world, any city, village or town.
  • Real time weather updates

Which is the most accurate Weather forecast App?

Now let’s talk about the most accurate weather app, It’s a big question honestly telling you that It’s depends on the location where you live or where are you from for example; if you are from USA(Amarica etc..) then you can use Weather and Radar USA or if you are from India then you can use Today weather.

But the all rounder is Google weather it has everything, In other words forecasts, Prediction, Speed of air etcetera.

Conclusion On Best Weather Apps for 2022!

Now here the list is over, Today I showed you cricket bat best weather apps for 2022 that you can use in your Android device.

Which app are you gonna try first?

If I have to choose one best weather app then I will choose google weather app because I love Google 😉

Which is the best weather app in the USA?

If you are from the USA then you must need these weather apps which are: Today weather, Weather and Radar USA, Google weather, AccuWeather etc.

Best Weather app of all time?

The best weather app of all time these are the best ones:- Google weather, AccuWeather, Today weather, First weather forecast, Local weather forecast.

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