Billions Of TikTok Account Can Be Hacked With One Click, Here's Why



TikTok is most famous social media app. Users able to watch and make short vides on the platform.

Microsoft revealed that something vulnerable is in TikTok application that will lead to one click hack.


Microsoft published a blog post on its Microsoft Security Blog. In which they stated that some major issues will create one click hack Scenario.


Hacker will able to edit users profile and private information. They can even send messages and upload videos, Microsoft added.


TikTok's all versions have vulnerability issues. Almost 1.5 Billion users installed it.

TitTok resolved the vulnerability issue back in febuary. Now its again knocking the door of Tiktok.

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In My Opinion, TikTok users have to aware of this kind of vulnerability and not share something personal on the platform.

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