Apple Car News

Apple Car News

The idea of owning an Apple Car is pretty appealing, even though competition in the electric vehicle market is increasing exponentially.

It's no secret than the Apple Car has been in development for some time, though the company has very little to show for it.

The idea of having an Apple Car is incredibly appealing, even with the electric vehicle market getting increasingly competitive. Apple needs that "next big thing" for the world to obsess about.

When Will the Apple Car Be Released?

The idea of an Apple car has been circulating since 2014 when CEO Tim Cook reportedly approved a car project named Titan.

The Apple Car Video in the end.

Apple was rumored to have hired a transmission engineer and the former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz research and development.

During a November 2021 interview, Cook said that the company is focusing on autonomy and AI. Even Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs was said to have wanted to design the iCar.

Tim Cook During Interview:

2021, Economic Daily News described an apparent change in events: Apple's car might be released years earlier than expected, in September 2022.

Apple Cars Timeline

What's the biggest question now: Apple Car's Price! or product specification?

apple products are always based on quality and luxury. It's a brand that everyone dreams of.

Apple Car Price

Low prices and Apple aren't synonymous. Apple products aren't low quality, so elevated prices are expected, no matter the Apple-branded item.

The price for luxury vehicles from competition like Tesla and Lucid ranges widely, depending on the features you want. Between, around $40,000 to $170,000.

Pre-orders for the Apple Car could begin an entire year or more before its actual release. Other next-gen vehicle manufacturers, like Tesla, Canoo, and Aptera, have also used this tactic.

These two images have the interior look & exterior looks of an Imaginary Apple vehicle. It's not compulsory that it looks the same way.

Rotate your phone.

An imagery video for the Apple cars looks like I already showed you in the beginning.

Green Leaf
Green Leaf
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