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Here are the Apps to Install During Easter Season

Here are the Apps to Install During Easter Season

By Kolex

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For kids of all ages and even grownups


1. Easter Swap

The best thing is the Easter-theme it brings to the player. You connect multiple Easter symbols such as bunnies, chicks, flowers, and eggs to get chocolate squares.


2. Bible

The app also lets you create attractive Easter graphics of 1,500 bible verses that you can post on Instagram.

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3. iNaturalist

iNaturalist & other travel apps can help you know the region well and get an idea of what you should do. Contains information about animals, birds, and the ecosystem around the world.



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4. Kitchen Stories

It contains hundreds of recipes to prepare delicious meals for your visit and family. Every recipe is backed up by an attractive image, step-by-step photo instructions, & videos.

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5. Easter Egg Painter

Getting creative with children during the Easter Weekend but hate the cleaning process. Painting eggs is really exciting, but you might want to avoid the paint from getting on the floor & counter.

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