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Her Boyfriend on 'toxic' relationship with Blac Chyna

according to pv, Blac Chyna hits her BF with metal! yes really, video in end.


What if i tell you, he's Speaking about his relationship with ex-fiancée Blac Chyna, television personality Rob Kardashian said,

"It wasn' or we'd have been married. I didn't want to be married to someone like that. It was a toxic relationship."

Blac Chyna Boyfriend Statment

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Kim Kardashian also revealed alleged abuse where Blac Chyna got violent

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Chyna got violent and hit him with foot metal rod which is 6 long and pointed an unloaded gun at him.

Blac Pointed gun at Kim  Kardashian


She hit me with metal rod: Rob Kardashian on 'toxic' relationship with Blac Chyna

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