Blake Lively recently stunned everyone with her amazing look at the Met Gala 2022 red carpet. As the co-chair of the event this year

Ryan Reynolds and her dress transformation on the red carpet to reveal her second look became a memorable moment.

Although this year's Met Gala is not the only time that Lively has stolen hearts with her red carpet look.

Ryan watched her MET GALA

In a video with Vogue, the actress took a trip down memory


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Blake gave out a rather surprising reply as she maintained, "I don't work with a stylist; I never have."

Blake Lively reveals

Tensed Blake Lively reveals

Fans couldn't help but be blown away by this confession made by Lively, as they appreciated her for her talent in putting together the perfect looks for each occasion.

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She showcased one of her looks from her film, the Age of Adaline, which showed her wearing the pants she owns.

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