Cash App breach impacted over 8 million users, It’s VERY Serious.Cash App breach impacted over 8 million users, It’s VERY Serious.

Block disclosed today that a security breach involving a former employee impacts 8.2 million Cash App users.

Now the question is: What kind of data has been leaked?

The company reported that an ex-employee on December 10th downloaded a number of reports with information on customer information. The exfiltrated data included full names, brokerage account numbers, brokerage portfolio value, brokerage portfolio holdings and reports of stock trading activity.

Cash App features outside of stocks were involved in the breach, nor did it include any customers outside of the US, according to the company.

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Before we move on, A HUMBLE REQUEST.

“The reports did not include usernames or passwords, Social Security numbers, date of birth, payment card information, addresses, bank account information, or any other personally identifiable information.

They also did not include any security code, access code, or password used to access Cash App accounts. Other Cash App products and features (other than stock activity) and customers outside of the United States were not impacted,” wrote Block in the filing.

Block has launched a formal investigation into the incident and has contacted law enforcement.

It also plans on notifying all 8.2 million customers involved in the breach by email.

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