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First time after the Slap, Chris Rock steps out with

according to daily mail chris rock steps out with his daughter & gave this statement.


What if i tell you, they could sexually abuse her & film assault in bid to recreate adult (p**n) scenes'

Sources: Will Smith has yet to personally apologize to the Chris rock after slapping him at Academy Awards last month.

Will Smith & Chris Rock

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Recently his mom (chris rock's) replying to will smith & gave the boldest stament ever~~~

Will Smith chris rock news

He slapped me, Swipe up to know the full story with web story like this

Chris Mom's statment!


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Before we move on, A HUMBLE REQUEST.


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Jada pinkett too gave her final desicion on devorce, swipe up to watch that story! What go now.

Jada Pinkett Also said this:

Title is made click worthy, there's nothing much

Will smith divorced

Squid game cancel!


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