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Here's the screenchot; Musk rejects.. Bill gates

Here's the screenchot; Musk rejects.. Bill gates

By Kunal Kashyap

April 23, 2022

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A chat which is purported between Elon Musk & Bill Gates has surfaced on social media.

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Gates wants to discuus

So, While Gates said he wanted to discuss "possibilities of philanthropy" with Elon Musk, the latter


Elon did not

So, latter he denied his request why? see the big reason why elon musk denied...

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Almost there! You are more than halfway through.

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Here's why elon denied?

Why? beacuse citing Gates’ short position against Tesla. That's the big reason why he deny.



Are you kidding me? Haven't liked (given the heart) this story! See the next few slides with patience that only 0.87% have.



Now elon tweeted that he didn't leak the chats & it wasn't a top secret that that Gates had a half-a-billion short position against Tesla.

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