Samsung unveils feature, Once in a WHILE.

Samsung unveils feature, Once in a WHILE.

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Have you ever gone through a situation where you give a device to an unknown person who’s going to repair your smartphone?

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Then, One question we get: What if he sees my photos or SMS, or any data.

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Yes, Smasung’s new feature to HIDE PERSONAL STUFF, Including, like photos, messages, and linked accounts, from technicians while their phone is being repaired.

All of a Sudden this happen

Samsung announced a brand new feature called “REPAIR MODE”.

What is Repair Mode? Samsung

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'Repair Mode', only the default installed apps on the phone will be accessible. The feature will be available to users under the 'Battery and Device Care' menu in Settings.

Samsung Repair Mode; Use case

How Repair Mode works?

Only the phone's pre-installed default apps will be usable in "Repair Mode." Users will find the functionality in the Settings menu under "Battery and Device Care."

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Samsung unveils feature to hide photos, messages, apps during phone repair.

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