Not everyone cares about having the absolute best TV specs or pristine picture quality.

It turns out there are a lot of people who hate having a traditional TV — this ugly black rectangle — disrupting the vibe and decor of their living room.

Those are the same people who have turned Samsung’s The Frame TV into such a big hit. I’ve got family members and co-workers who’ve all bought The Frame in the last year because of how well it disguises itself as a piece of art when not being used.

You can customise the TV’s bezels and swap between different options to get exactly the look you want when it’s on your wall.

That's very creative right? To customise tv bezels.

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Samsung has introduced a matte display that cuts way back on glare and makes artwork showcased by The Frame almost look like canvas.

The new Frame still has the same customizable bezels and now comes in more sizes, ranging from 43 inches ($999.99) to an 85-inch giant that’s over $4,000. All feature a 4K resolution. If you care about gaming, stick with 55 inches and above because you lose the fluid 120Hz refresh rate if you go smaller.

The Frame still isn’t the most impressive TV on paper: there’s no local dimming whatsoever, which is definitely a bummer at these prices.

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