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SnapChat's Friend in Need Scam!

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In this latest scam of Snapchat, users get messages from their ‘friends’ that they are in dire need of money. Users have received texts on Snapchat from their friends saying that they are stuck somewhere abroad, they need money to come back home.

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According to the UK’s National Trading Standards, at least 59% of people living in the UK have faced this scam and this scam has been confirmed* by Snapchat itself and also asked people to be alert.


How do messages come from those who know?

If you are wondering that how messages come on your smartphone, in the name of your friends and relatives on Snapchat, then let us tell you that this happens when the scamster hacks the ID/Number and account of the people you know and then you Messages come from these ID's

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If you want to protect yourself from this scam, the first thing to do is beware of such texts. Also, if someone you know receives a message for help, instead of replying to it, call first so that you can confirm that the message came from someone you know and not a thief. Do not share your personal information over text under any circumstances.