Tesla's New Update! Ghostbuster

Tesla's New Update! Ghostbuster

Tesla driver was "creeped" out after their car picked up a pedestrian in a cemetery, when no one was visible.

TikToker @iam3dgar, who goes by Edgar Osornia on Instagram, shared a clip to his account, as they drove through the West Side Cemetery District, in Taft, California.

Video in the end. It really seems CREEPY.

The clip captured the dashboard display, which intermittently showed a pedestrian on the right, walking in various directions. The person holding the camera kept panning up to show there was no one there, as the car slowly moved through the graveyard.


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Before we move on, A HUMBLE REQUEST.

Surprisingly, Video has it's part 2 out now, in the third last story. it is really too creepy.

But it emerged Osornia first posted a similar video in October 2021, in the same graveyard, captioned: "I guess my Tesla has a sixth sense!" It racked up a whopping 23 million views, and can be seen here.

People are reacting on the Video.

Numerous people made jokes about the mysterious figure on the display, while others sought to find a logical explanation.

Enjoying_A_Meal warned: "When you don't see it on the collision detection screen anymore, it means it's now in the car with you." TheTurboToad said: "Hopefully Teslas have a panic and escape mode." Anything_anyone thought: "Tesla Easter eggs y'all!"

Tesla Ghost @Cementry Part 2 is ahead.

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