Elon Musk tends to gravitate between brilliant and crazy, making him a lot of fun to watch if you aren’t an investor.

Tesla Smartphone News

Tesla Smartphone News

One recent rumor that Musk has been emphasizing is the creation of a Tesla phone with a unique feature set.


The phone makes a lot of sense given where Tesla is going, particularly as a hedge against Apple’s rumored electric car.

Tesla vs Apple 

Let’s explore the potential for a Tesla phone this week

Tesla Phone Teaser AHEAD. In the LAST Story.


Tesla and Apple have a similar approach to their respective markets, and both enjoy similar advantages.

Tesla’s Apple Problem

Apple was built by a charismatic leader Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk has done a better job of mirroring Jobs’ unique approach to management and product creation than Tim Cook.

Both companies have impressive brand loyalty with their customers, exact market valuations, and several large companies gunning for them.

Tesla Phone Features

Tesla Phone Features

The rumored phone is expected to have Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 8 Series solution, colors that match Tesla car colors, operate better as a car key for Tesla autos than any other phone, and (this is the iffy part) connect to Starlink.

Last but not least, with smartphones becoming keys to cars, a Tesla phone could be further integrated with your Tesla car.

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