The new variant B. of Corona has been named OMICRON

By Kunal, Backdroid

The virus is back, this time with more energy, strategy and camouflage. This time we will not have cough, no fever, no joint pain, just weakness, Loss of appetite and there will be covid pneumonia!

Of course, the higher the mortality rate, the less time it takes to reach the peak. Sometimes no symptoms... let's be careful...


It directly affects the lungs, which means the duration is reduced.


The virus spreads directly to the lungs causing acute respiratory distress due to viral pneumonia. This explains why it has become intense and more deadly!!!

Be careful, avoid crowded places, wear a face mask, and wash hands frequently.

*waves* more deadly than before. That's why we have to be very careful and take *every precaution.*

Don't keep this information with you, share it with your family and friends.


Please take care and be safe!

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