US Netflix account sharers won't have to pay up – for now

Go ahead, keep sharing – all 50% of you

Netflix has no current plans to bring its account-sharing surcharge to the US, the company has told TechRadar.

This is excellent news for the roughly 50% of all US Netflix account holders who, according to a recent study by Time2Play, share their accounts with people outside their households.

Netflix recently revealed that it had launched a limited test of a $2.99 surcharge for account holders who want to share their Netflix account with people living outside their household.

Netflix members can add up to two 'sub account' users. It sounds like a reasonable deal, but it's raised the alarm bells for the millions of Netflix users who are already freely sharing their account info (user ID and password) with family, friends, and co-workers.

Netflix noted that the test was limited to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. This week, it told us that the test is still being rolled out in those locations, and a company spokesperson noted via email that 

"It's still early days so we're still learning at the moment, and at this point, there are no plans for the US."

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A lot of this sharing has to do with cost sensitivity, with most respondents noting that they'd consider Netflix too expensive if the monthly subscription fee rose to over $24 a month.

In worse news for Netflix, 79% of those using shared accounts said they would not pay if Netflix banned account sharing.

The top tier is now priced at $19.99 – which is getting perilously close to that $24 opt-out threshold for many Netflix subscribers.

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