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Will Smith seen in india; Here's next Move

Previously, Smith spotted at mumbai airport afterwards he's


______ Reacted to Smith's Oscar slap incident on the famous 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. The composer & singer was shown a picture of himself with Will Smith.

AR Rahman reaction to slap movement won oscars 2022, next is what he said.. Incredible

Ar reacted on Will Smith 

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AR Rahman said, "He is a sweetheart," also adding, "Sometimes such things happen."

Meeting them could be a big reason like

So, maybe he in india to seek advise or seeking sprituality

As always,Will Smith wants clarity

Let's see what happen next

Answers of the POLLS..


So, Will smith met Indian singer AR rahman, he said; He is a sweetheart & also sometimes such things happen.

The composer & singer shown a picture of himself with Will Smith. While the picture was old, a few comments on it were made post the Oscar incident.

Will Smith AR Rahman, Next see image & statment

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