What does the Heart mean on Instagram? The Right Answer!!

Instagram Hearts; A tradition that has taken Instagram so far, it started as a feature where users have to Double-Tap on photos to Give alike. This feature was phenomenal. 

Every year Instagram keeps improving their UI, recently they added double tap to like a message. Things are not over here, you can react with different emojis on a text message. 

After years, Instagram has the feature to give hearts to messages, posts. Which shows that you like that post or message. If someone gives you a heart on the picture that means they liked it. Or if someone likes the Instagram text message that they saw & also liked what you said.

So, there are two perspectives of giving hearts on Instagram. 

What does the heart mean on Instagram?

Simply, Giving hearts on Instagram is a sign of liking something. If someone gives a heart on Instagram, In any form; Comment, Messages, Posts, Stories Means they liked that. So, Instagram Heart is the Synonym of Like. If someone likes something they give a heart on Instagram.

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