What is App Installer? APK Installer?

Learn What is an APK installer? Importance, usage, safe or not. Everything you need to know about App Installer.
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You might be wondering about APK Installer/App Installer. Many people asked us “What is an APK installer?” and we even told Stay tuned for the article. 

So, Today in this article I’m gonna show you what an app installer is? Its function, uses, and importance. 

Let’s get started. 

What is App Installer? 

App installer is a system that helps Android OS to Install “.apk” extension files. .APK stands for application. An APp installer is being used to install a pre-downloaded app to the device. For instance: If you have downloaded any app from third-party sites “.APK extension then When you tap on the app to install it, the UI that loads that install the app on the device is known as app installer.

What is an APK installer?

The APK installer is the same as the APP installer. The only difference between an app installed and an apk installer is a name. App & APK both stand for Application. But the difference is pronunciation. Some people call it an APK installer and for some people, it is an App installer. 

Uses Of App Installer

There’s nothing too complicated, it is being used to install applications on devices. 

  • It helps to install downloaded applications. 


So that’s what the meaning of APK installer and the App installer is. I hope this article will be helpful for you. I hope I solved your queries with the APK installer and the App installer.

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