What is Force 4x MSAA in Developer options? FAQs Solved

Answering: What is Force 4x MSAA? How it works, and Is it safe to turn on 4x MSAA on any android device? Pros and Cons of it.
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There is a lot of confusion around Force 4x MSAA. Today’s article will be a MYTH buster for you if you want to know everything about 4x MSAA and Does it improve performance or Increase FPS? is safe or not?

Today I’ll answer your burning question about 4x MSAA, which is available in enabled developer options. There are many extra options and menus available in developer options.

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What Does 4x MSAA Do?

4x MSAA is a hardware-accelerated rendering option that improves video and graphics’ rendering speed. Turning on 4x MSAA will automatically force the device to use OpenGL ES 2.0, Which boosts gaming performance, and FPS in games and gets better video performance while playing high-quality videos.

Force 4x MSAA vs 4x MSAA

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Have you thought about the difference between simply 4x MSAA and Force 4x MSAA? Here’s what most people miss out on.


4x MSAA uses OpenGL ES 2.0 apps to render and accelerate hardware.

Force 4x MSAA

It simply means forcing the system or hardware to accelerate the rendering process for OpenGL ES 2.0 Apps.

Why Is It Needed?

The questions I found on quora and other forum websites are: Why do I need to force 4x MSAA, or What’s the use of the ‘Turn on 4x MSAA‘ feature on android? Is it safe to turn on the Force 4x MSAA on Android?

But we will answer this (Is it safe to turn on the Force 4x MSAA on Android?) later at the end of the article.

Why does anyone need it? If any user is struggling to get a good or very decent performance on the device. Then chances of enabling force 4x msaa are higher.

It is required only for users with an older device that lags a lot. Or if apps like YouTube, Minecraft, or any other app lag, then it is required to turn it on.

The most common reason for any lag caused on a device is simply because of hardware. Years back, when you bought your device, it was super fine, working perfectly, and was fast to load apps.

Now years after, I mean today, when your android starts lagging, which eventually ruins the experience of using a smartphone, then Force 4x MSAA is a good option provided by developer options.

However, users who haven’t enabled developer options would not be accessible to it.

Is It Safe to Turn on 4x MSAA on Any Android?

this way with a mobile

Now I’m going to answer it very honestly, so read carefully. In other words, going to reveal some dark sides of enabling force 4x MSAA.

When you have enabled it, your phone heats up quickly. In the long term, it would damage your battery life. When I say battery life, it means your device’s battery would not last as much as it does now.

And also, it is only for some gamers who love playing games but whose device does not support their skills or simply the game’s requirement to run games smoothly.

However, 4x MSAA is also required to turn on when casting the android’s screen using a protector or TV. Because when it is turned on, it increases the DPI.

DPI stands for dots per inch.


Let’s end this article with my honest conclusion about this developer feature. If you’re not a gamer, do not enable it. It would heat your device and also exhaust the battery soon. Only enable it if you’re a gamer and only if your device is not giving exceptional performance.

So, that is all about Force 4x MSAA and its FAQs. I hope you found the article helpful.

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