What is launcher 3? The Shortest Summary!

What’s the thing with all the Android Smartphones? Any guesses??

That’s Android launchers. Every smartphone has a launcher in it whether it came pre-installed or downloaded. 

What is launcher 3?

But these launchers are very necessary and crucial when it comes to Android to run operating systems fluidly and help you to surf through apps. 

You might notice on most LG smartphones there is a launcher 3. What does it mean? Recently a person asked me what launcher 3 is on my smartphone. I am getting this question over and over again from a lot of users. 

So launcher 3 is the application that is pre-installed on all LG smartphones. This app is the engine of this Smartphone which helps the operating system and the user to glide through apps and give you a UI interface. 

Like if you have ever used an Android launcher then every launcher has its UI and UX. UI and UI stand for user interface and simultaneously UX for User experience. 

So by using any launcher, you will see a very differentiator and with every launch, you can try out some of the best launchers and some of the ads-free launchers.

Launcher 3 App!

The launcher 3. It is the launcher app that is pre-installed on the device which helps the Smartphone and the user to provide a better user interface and a User experience.

Do You Need Launcher 3?

That varies from person to person, If you’re using another android launcher then you don’t need this. You can even uninstall this. Launcher 3 is only needed when you don’t have any other launcher app. 

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Can you uninstall the Launcher 3?

Yes, you can easily install the launcher 3 application, it’s only needed when you are not using any other android launcher apps.

I hope you got the answer: what is launcher 3? Basic light tries to explain to you a long way because your fundamentals should be very clear when it comes to Android.

There are a lot of errors & issues and whenever you face it you just need to check out a block backdroid.com here I am linking a how-to tutorial page.

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