What is Notification Bar or Panel – Android?

I think that you heard about Notification Bar or Notification Panel in Phone then There is a Question that what is Notification Bar in Android? And what is Notification in mobile phones? Yeah here is the answer.

What is Notification in Android Phones?

Basic meaning of Notification: A formal notifying or informing, an act or instance of notifying someone, making known or giving notice or a written or printed notice, announcement, or warning.

What is the Notification Bar on the Android OS?

The notification bar is also known as Notification Panel in Phone. It is used in everyone’s mobile phone and basically it informs us about alerts, messages, to-do list, upcoming alarm and Updates etc. 

How to Make the notification bar clear?

Notification bar in phone

Most people don’t bother to clean their notification bar. It is always filled with tons of notifications on Whatsapp, instagram, Facebook messages and also with news and alerts. 

  • Drop down from the top of your device
  • Then you will see tons of notifications if it is available 
  • Then you can remove them just by swiping them from left to right or there is cross “X” sign to clean that
  • But sometimes there is a Option to clean it all and simply tap on it.

SO thats it This is the INFORMATIVE Guide on What is notification in android, I hope you loved this info.

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