What is SD, HD, FHD 2K & 4k Display? [sd hd 4k comparison]

When you go to the market and want to buy a smartphone what you see first it’s display right.

But you know that screen is an important part of our phone. In fact , any display whether it’s a TV, monitor or a mobile device then screen becomes a very important part because that gives you the first impression of that device.

Today I will show you which is the best screen and resolution for any device. If you have a smartphone you heard about SD, HD, FHD, qhd, 2K, 4K today I will give you the complete detail of these resolutions.

SD Display/Resolution

SD stands for standard definition resolution and SD resolution means 640*480 pixels. In SD basically the length of screen is 640 width and height is 480 pixels. and you know what HD is better than SD so let’s move onto our next 2 resolutions.

HD Display/Resolution

HD you heard about this and also you know its full form and its high definition. HD means 1280 by 720 pixels in which the width is 1280 and the height is 720.

HD is also called 720p but remember there is no difference between a pixel and screen size whether screen big or small if you play video of 1280 by 720 pixel on 4 inch smartphone and simultaneously played on a 21 inch LCD or LED TV it will play better on the 4 inch Smartphone.

And also when you watch YouTube videos on 720p it consumes too much data that’s why here is the Tip to Save Data on YouTube.

Fact: when you compare your phone and old LED or LCD TV side by side you can see pixels in that TV but you can’t see the pixels in that phone.

FHD Resolution/Display

FHD display stands for full HD display. FHD means 1920*1080 pixels. Nowadays it comes with most of the smartphones. Now suppose you have a 6 inch smartphone in which 1920 height and 1080p is width and know what that means your device is 2 million + pixels approx.

What is PPI in Smartphones?

Nowadays most of the brands like xiaomi, Samsung mention their PPI on their display. You have seen the PPI on the box and do you know what is PPI?

PPI stands for pixel per inch that means the more pixels in your screen the better your screen becomes.

Nowadays the flagship smartphone comes with 400 PPI 250 PPI in fact with the 550 also.

How to calculate PPI?

How to calculate PPI

Diagonal Length (Pixel)= (12802 +7202)½

                                      = 1468.6 Pixels

Pixel density (per inch) = 1468.6/15.6

                                      = 94.1 PPI

In 2021 when people go out to buy a new smartphone then they never ask for PPI. In fact, I did that the same 2 years back when I didn’t know about these things but next time, remember to check the PPI of the phone that you want to buy.

Summary of SD, HD, FHD: SD HD 4k Comparison

Now let me sum up everything that I told you about SD, HD and FHD: 

All resolution SD, HD, FHD
  • SD- 307K Pixel and Resolution: 640*480
  • HD-921K pixel and Resolution: 1280*720
  • FHD-2M Pixel and Resolution: 1920*1080

After SD, HD coma FHD there are two more variations of resolutions first is qhd or you can say 2K and the second one is 4k.

QHD/2K display

Qhd stands for quad high definition or quad display and it is also known as the 2K display resolution. Qhd or 2K means 2560 X 1440 resolution that means a qhd display has nearly 3.7 million pixels and know what In 2k display you will get more contrast, more brightness and more colours in the display quality.

4K display

4K is very popular nowadays because there are many smartphones that can record 4K video from their camera.

4K means 4096 by 2160 pixels that means 4K display has 8.8 million pixels that is two times more than qhd display.

After FHD displays you and we means all the human eyes can’t see any big difference between FHD, 2K and 4K.

Whether it’s 2K, 4K, FHD you can’t see a massive difference between them but for the smartphone FHD is good and there are many causes of 4K display in any Android or any device and the con is it will consume more battery and more processing power.

Hopefully you got all the information and the difference between the SD, HD, FHD, qhd/2K and 4K. This is the sd hd 4k comparison.

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