Here’s exactly What phone do you have? Check using this

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Hello great mind, at this point of time you might have a question: what phone do I have? 

I really appreciate your questioning skills, the people who question a lot and being curious about random things, are the one who are born genius. So congratulations for that. 

Now without taking any more second, let me tell you how to check what phone you have or what kind of phone you have? This article is all about checking the device brand, the operating system to the model number of a smartphone & the current operating system version. 

Let’s dive straight in.

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What phone do you have?

All the process is going to be super simple. I will mention a few screenshots that could be applicable in most smartphones whether we talk about Android or iOS. 

Steps-by-Step procedure to Check What Phone You Have

The first step to check what phone you have is to get into your mobile phone settings. To get into the settings open the app drawer, search for settings or scroll down and tap on the settings icon.

Android About Phone Settings

The second and the most important step is to scroll down then tap on the “about phone”. Suppose you don’t find the phone then what you can do is just tap on the search bar and type about phone so you will prompt a tab for it. 

inside about setting

In this menu you will find very little information about your smartphone like what kind of phone do you have? Whether it’s Android or iOS. Screenshots of iOS devices and the Android devices because the settings of the iPhone look a little different. That’s why attaching both screenshots could help you. 

For Android users when you tap on versions then it will let you know what the current version of your Android smartphone is running on. And also tells you about the build number of a smartphone & more over the kernel version. Some smartphones are based on stock Android just like mine is based on colour OS which is mainly present in oppo Vivo realme. 

one more gif

For Apple iOS users: Here Press Menu button multiple times until the main menu appears. Scroll to and select Settings > About. The software version of your device should appear on this screen

So that’s how you can check what phone you have so I have my realme see 11 what phone do you have. I hope you got it. Let me know in the comments what the model number of the smartphone is. It will let me know that my articles are really helpful or I am just crazy writing this

Only 10 out of two people will make the change and comment on their smartphone version. Someone just is not doing it but I hope you will.

This question is literally trending on the Google strength and I hope this article will help you in order to figure out what smartphone are you using currently what’s the version of it what’s the type of it. 

We have more informative article like that this one we have created more than 300 articles you can check out on our home page. we are backdroid I am Kunal Kashyap signing out 

What iPhone do I have?

Best way to check what phone you have; Open the mobile phone settings > Tap on phone > Here’s some basic information about the device like; RAM, device ram, Operating system, Smartphones brand, Last updated date & processor type (octa, dual core). Moreover this settings also includes Device storage on android & IMEI number with IP.

What kind of phone do I have?

Android About Phone Settings

Basically there are two types of phone, First is an Android device then second is iOS based device. To check this you can easily differentiate because iOS is only available on Apple devices, so if you own an apple phone then You have an iSO device. To check if you have an iOS device see your phone’s back if there’s an apple logo then, yeah it’s a ios device. 

If your device is not an apple device then definitely you owe an android os based device.

inside about setting

Suppose you have an samsung phone but you didn’t know which samsung phone do you have then; Here how to check what samsung phone do you have: To check this open the samsung device settings, then scroll down & select the About phone. This menu includes the device model number (like A series or Samsung M series, Operating system version, RAM, Storage, IMEI & IP.

How to know what Android version you have?

To check the device android version, Open mobile settings > Select About phone > In this window the current device android version will be shown.

What kinda phone do I have?

Check the device model number & OS by getting into movie settings then select the about phone > Here’s the whole information of the device; Like OS, Model, IMEI & IP, device name & Brand.

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