How to Backup & Restore WhatsApp; chats, data, media

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WhatsApp Backup & Restore: WhatsApp, WhatsApp and WhatsApp for most of us this is the primary mode of communication.  And sometimes we made a mistake to not take the backup and loose all of these conversations. And some of the conversations mean alot to us then why not to take backup of your WhatsApp. 

That’s why today I am here. Today I am gonna show you how to backup WhatsApp locally and also on Google drive and Also How to restore whatsapp backup. Also Know: We have created a WhatsApp guide where you can learn WhatsApp tutorials.

Types of WhatsApp Backup

Before you make any kind of backup, first of all we need to understand what is local backup in Google Drive backup and what’s the difference between them. Let’s take a quick look.

1.Local backup

In local backup the backup file is stored in our phones memory. And we can restore it without using the internet.

2.Google drive backup 

In Google drive backup the backup file is stored in our Google drive or you can say the account which is connected to WhatsApp to store these files.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats, Media,Data

How to backup WhatsApp locally

If you use WhatsApp for most of your conversations and you have long chats and messages then This method can save a lot of internet data. 

To backup your WhatsApp follow the below procedure

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Go to settings > Chats
  • Then go to chat backup
  • Atlas simply tap on “backup” button

So these are now here are the screenshots that will help you to backup your WhatsApp

WhatsApp chat Settings
WhatsApp chat backup

Go to WhatsApp settings > then checks > Chats back-up > Backup.

This is how you can backup your WhatsApp locally and let’s move onto our next point which is backing up WhatsApp using Google drive inshort online.

How to backup WhatsApp using Google drive

This is the best method of backing up your WhatsApp because your WhatsApp backup will be stored online and you can access it whenever you want until you stop using your account for more than a year.

To backup using Google drive follow the below procedure

  • Open your WhatsApp and go to settings
  • Then go to chats and then chats backup
  • Now scroll down and you will see a email option select your email and allow permission
  • Now select the backup consistency like a day, a week or a month.
  • Then simply tap on backup
WhatsApp Backup Google Drive
Whatsapp Backup Restore

Learn more here.

So when you tap on the backup button then a backup file will first save to your device storage then automatically it will save (upload) to Google Drive and it will look something like this.

So finally you created a backup file to restore it whenever you needed but what if you don’t know how to restore WhatsApp backup files. Hiraman gaana shows you how to restore WhatsApp messages.

How to restore WhatsApp backup/Message

So here is a tutorial on how to restore WhatsApp back-up.

In order to restore messages back to your phone follow the below procedure

  • First of all uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp
  • Then simply add your number and enter the OTP
  • Then you will get a window where you will see whatsApp checking backups and you will get the restore button tap on it to restore all your messages locally

But in case when you don’t have a look back up but you have Google drive backup follow this 

  • First of all uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp
  • Then simply add your number and enter the OTP
  • Now a new window will show to you in which WhatsApp asks you for a gmail ID and taps on the right Gmail account in which you had made a backup before. Then just tap on it and it will check your Google drive and automatically start restoring messages.

This is how you can actually restore your backup / messages easily.

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That’s it for today step-by-step tutorial. I hope you got how to backup WhatsApp and I also showed you how to restore whatsapp them and I showed you the easiest way. Hopefully I added some value into your life.

I hope this In-depth tutorial on whatsapp backup restore will help you.

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