WhatsApp is Not Working? Here is How to fix it

Is your WhatsApp not working? This could happen by anything But today I’m gonna show you why your WhatsApp not working and also how to fix that to make your WhatsApp start working again.

People are searching for why WhatsApp is not working and really not getting that accurate answer but today I am gonna show you the real reason why your WhatsApp is not working and how to fix it.

Whatsapp not working why?

There are many reasons behind this problem but mainly there are three reasons which I am going tell you right now

  • Maybe the WhatsApp servers are down so you can’t send or receive any WhatsApp messages
  • You are not getting a proper internet speed to send or receive messages for your internet pack has expired
  • Maybe your WhatsApp app is no more compatible with your Android device

Reason could be anything But I am here to tell you how to fix them

How to fix WhatsApp not working?

So here is a guide to fix WhatsApp working it it will make your WhatsApp start working out again in the few steps


1. Let it Re-sleep

Nowadays smartphones are like our human body, we need rest everyday to start working again with full energy and sometimes our phones need this also.

restart your phone

I know my Technique name is a little weird but this is how my mind works;).

But anyways What you exactly need to do is try restarting your phone several  times in a week to make your phone health good. Hopefully this technique will meet your WhatsApp and start working again.

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2. Check it before Checking the Whatsapp

Human mind is a little complicated in that sometimes we forget things and sometimes we remember the things which happened in the past.

In fact sometimes I forget the things like I plugged my phone into the charger but forget to turn the switch on to charge my phone.

check your internet connection

However to fix it what you need to do is to First of all, check your internet connection, whether your internet connection is working or not, whether you are getting that 4G symbol on your device or Wi-Fi is working or not check it by opening other apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or you can do a speed test.

If it is not working try to fix it out and then check the WhatsApp again

If your internet is working and still your WhatsApp is not working then the next step is just for you.

3. Make it Clear 

Use WhatsApp from the past few years and without clearing the cache of that particular app that’s why the app start crashing to fix it follow the steps:

clear whatsapp cache
  • Go to your mobile settings>Apps Management>WhatsApp>Storage>Clear Cache 

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4. Time matters a Lot

Thousands of quotes available on internet that time is money, time is precious to time but this is our second last technique that we can use to fix a WhatsApp

Check your phone date and time that it is exactly like other phones date and time or not? check it because sometimes it is set to default like suppose it’s 11 o’clock but it will show 12 o’clock or the date could be wrong.

So check your date and time if it is wrong try to fix it out.

How to fix the date & time to make WhatsApp working?

whatsapp not working fix
  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Search for date and time and open it
  • No click on network provided time set it automatically otherwise set it manually

5. Reinstall is the key

Sometimes we start getting issues with any particular app like in our case we are getting issues with our WhatsApp that WhatsApp is not working properly or crashing many times or could be anything.

WhatsApp re-install

The last step to fix it is to uninstall the WhatsApp app and reinstall it because of this you will get a fresher version of this app that I hope will work properly.

Here is the Official WhatsApp website to fix this issue.

Conclusion on WhatsApp

These are the 5 best ways to fix “WhatsApp is not working” easily in a few taps and Also we have a WhatsApp Guide check it out! . I hope that your WhatsApp will start working again. If your whatsapp is still not working then let me know in the comments so what’s the exact problem you are getting with your WhatsApp. 

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