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A visitor recently asked us what does last seen on WhatsApp mean? So in this article, I have answered this question: what is the meaning of last seen on WhatsApp? 

All use WhatsApp right but many times have seen someone’s profile last seen and the time so what does it mean. It’s a great question. 

What does Last seen on WhatsApp mean?

WhatsApp’s last seen refers to the last time when a person opens WhatsApp. In other words, Last seen is the time when the person checked his WhatsApp. Even WhatsApp gives the ability to hide this last seen for contacts and even for everybody who has your number. 

About WhatsApp Last Seen 

WhatsApp Last seen tells you the last time your contacts used the App, or if they’re online it will show you the “Online” on the contact name bar. So, The Last seen refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp. With WhatsApp privacy settings, you have the option to control who can see your last seen. 

Why is someone’s Last seen not updating on WhatsApp?

If the contact was last seen not updating that means whether they have blocked you or they have updated their privacy settings. If they had updated their privacy settings that means you and even anyone can’t see their last seen status. But if they blocked you then definitely you can’t see their last time. Here is a detailed guide on how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

Even many visitors just ask us this question: WhatsApp last seen time not updating. 

Now many of you want to change your privacy settings so that no one can see your last seen on WhatsApp. So right below this paragraph, I am going to mention the steps that you need to follow to change the WhatsApp privacy setting so that no one can see your last seen status.

How to Change WhatsApp Privacy Settings for Last Seen Status? (Hide last seen) 

  • Open WhatsApp settings. 
  • In setting, Tap on the account.
  • Here Select Privacy > Tap on Last Seen. 
  • Last Seen has 3 Options: 
    • My Contact
    • Everybody
    • No-one 
WhatsApp Last Seen
  • So if you select my contact in the last in settings then only the contacts that you have saved can see your last seen. 
  • If you select everybody then anyone can see your WhatsApp last seen who has your WhatsApp number
  • But if you have selected no one then no one can see your WhatsApp last seen (when you use your WhatsApp last time). 

Even though I have the link and video above so you would be able to know how to change WhatsApp last seen settings. 

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