Whatsapp Notification Not Showing/sound not working? Best Fixes

Is WhatsaApp’s Notification Not Working, Not getting sounds; or now showing? Here’s How to Fix; WhatsApp Notifications Errors. Easy Tutorial.
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WhatsApp now comes from the metaverse. But no one can control bugs, or we can say that we can’t control glitches in apps. Nowadays many people complain that their WhatsApp notifications are not Showing. Even though one of my friends Yuvraj also said “Bro! My WhatsApp notifications are not working“. 

So if you are also facing this issue then don’t worry. I am Kunal and in today’s article, I am going to break down how to fix WhatsApp notifications not working or how you can instantly fix WhatsApp notifications not showing. 

How to Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Getting/Shown or Sound Problem

Suppose you are in a situation where your friend needs your help, and he texted you and you text him back. And conversation begins. Now you have to text back. But suddenly someone called you and forgot that you have to text him or her back. Even though Notification is not shown WhatsApp. Or maybe WhatsApp notification’s sound doesn’t work. 

It feels very bad right? Then in this article, I have quick fixes that you could apply right now on your smartphone and could fix WhatsApp notification errors permanently. 

1. Check Notification Settings 

WhatsApp has its notification settings which you could use to turn on or turn off WhatsApp notifications. Many times we have forgotten that we have turned off the settings and mistakenly turned it off. And that is the reason why WhatsApp notifications are not working or you are not getting notifications sound of WhatsApp. 

Whatsapp notifications settings

To turn on the WhatsApp notification sound on notifications read the below process: 

  • Open the WhatsApp
  • Tap on three dots and settings
  • At this point, you have to select notifications
  • Here you have to turn on the notification as shown in the image. 

It’s a four-step easy process that you could follow to get a WhatsApp notification. 

2. Check Internet Connection 

Many times we thought there is someone guilty for WhatsApp notifications not getting. But sometimes it is our internet provider. Suppose you are in a situation where your internet is turned on but you are not getting internet speed. Sounds right? 

check your internet connection

You need to check the internet connection whenever someone is going to text you and if you want to receive a WhatsApp notification. Many times Telecom operators are running some maintenance work so the network has some disturbance and that is the reason why you are not getting WhatsApp notifications. 

To check whether the internet is working or not you could open any App like YouTube, Instagram or you can run a speed test. 

3. Check the System Sound Settings 

Phone in Vibrate

At this point, you have to be very careful because sometimes we have the DND mode turned on which is also known as do not disturb. This mode generally turns off all the notification calls and messages sound so in that manner you won’t get any notification from any app. 

Also, you could check whether your phone is on silent or not if it is then make sure to disable the silent mode. 

4. WhatsApp’s App Settings 

I used one of the insane techniques to improve my device performance. What I did Is block all the notifications of social and instant messaging apps? And just by blocking them on my device performance improved by 20%. 

blocking notifications to fix phone freezing

And maybe you have blocked your WhatsApp notification from the app info of WhatsApp. Or maybe you have installed any app which is causing this error.

To check whether you have blocked WhatsApp notifications on not: 

  • Long type on WhatsApp > App Info 
  • Select Notifications > Unblock notification if blocked. 

Even though I had mentioned one of my friends Yuvraj, he has also done the same thing. He had already blocked the WhatsApp apps notification in that manner he won’t receive any notification from WhatsApp. 

5. Turn Off Battery Saver 

Sometimes to just save the smartphone’s battery, we turn on the battery saver mode which is right. But when it comes to WhatsApp notifications this could be the culprit why you are not getting WhatsApp notifications or why WhatsApp notifications are not popping up. 

6. Restart Phone 

Restart Phone

Sometimes there could be a bug or glitch which is causing that issue and to fix it you have to restart your smartphone at least twice. 

7. Update the App 

In the world of techera when technology is evolving too fast if you learn anything new today it will be outdated in a few weeks. That’s how technology is growing. 

But if you are not updating apps with the technology, you’re gonna suffer from multiple problems whether it is device lagging or this Smartphone charging too slow

So make sure to update the WhatsApp app to the latest version available there or if you have joined the beta program of WhatsApp leave it now. 

8. Reinstall It 

If you are still facing this error then the problem is with the version of the app you could backup your WhatsApp account and then uninstall it and after restarting your device install it back WhatsApp on your smartphone. 

The Conclusion On Whatsapp Notification Not Working

That’s it for the tutorial today. I mentioned 8 steps that you could follow if your WhatsApp notifications are not showing on your WhatsApp notification not working. 

Its main Kunal Kashyap the founder of backdroid.com is a place where you can get the best tutorials, apps, games and many more don’t forget to mention and comment if this post is helpful. 

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