WhatsApp Reactions Not Working: 3 Easy ways to Fix Emoji Reaction

A tutorial on Emoji reactions on WhatsApp, how to use it to react on Chats .Also How to fix WhatsApp reactions not working, Android and iphones.
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Whatsapp Reactions Not Working: The Exact method that I used to Fix this new update not working then I can quickly react to messages,

How to use WhatsApp emoji reaction if not working, Here’s the easiest way to react to WhatsApp messages on both; Reacting with emojis on group chats & personal chats too.

MOST IMPORTANT; Below, we’ll share what to do when the WhatsApp emoji reaction does not show, or the WhatsApp reaction is not working. You can use that method to fix it.

WhatsApp emoji reactions

So, let’s dive into WhatsApp emoji reaction and how to use and react using this new feature of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Emoji Reactions Not Working

WhatsApp reactions not working

Many complain that even if they have updated the app, they can still not react to messages. Then It also started happening to me, but somehow, I fixed it,

To Fix the WhatsApp reaction, Update the apps from both sides (sender and the receiver), Restart the phone, or clear the app’s cache.

Here’s How to Fix WhatsApp Emoji Reactions not working:

1. Restart the Device

As usual, we all forget to restart; that’s the primary step because you recently updated the WhatsApp app, and now you need to restart the phone to fix it.

2. Clear the Cache

You must clear old cached data from the WhatsApp app because temp files might have been stored for months, so clearing the cached data might help you.

How to Clear Cache on Android of Certain Apps including WhatsApp.

To Fix WhatsApp Emoji Reactions not working, here’s what to follow.

what is that gif android backdroid

One thing we all are forgetting, guess what?

Only you have updated the app!

Yes, rethink it. The other person whose message you are trying to react to did not update his WhatsApp yet; if the other person did not adopt WhatsApp, the emoji reaction would not work. 

One condition is that both parties should update their app to use emoji reactions. Otherwise, it won’t work from one end.

whatsapp emoji reaction not working

Are WhatsApp emoji reactions not working?

This happens with most people whose Emoji reaction feature is not working; here’s what to do. Check if the App is updated from both sides because updates only work if both people update their WhatsApp version.

How to React on WhatsApp Messages | Use WhatsApp Reaction Android & iOS

emoji reaction whatsapp

Add a reaction to a message.

When you add a reaction, only the sender of the message being reacted to will receive a notification.

  1. Long press on a message.
  2. Tap to select one of the displayed emojis.

Change your reaction

You can change your reaction to a different one.

  1. Long press on a message you reacted to.
  2. Tap a different emoji.

Remove a reaction

You can remove your reaction to a message. The notification won’t be sent to the message sender if you remove a reaction.

  1. Long press on the message you reacted to or tap the reaction.
  2. Tap the emoji you reacted with to remove it.

FAQs WhatsApp Reaction

How to enable reactions on Whatsapp?

To enable a WhatsApp reaction on WhatsApp, you have to update the App from both the sender and receiver parties. If not updated from one side, it will not work.

How to use WhatsApp reactions?

Long press on a message to use WhatsApp reactions, then Tap to select one of the displayed emojis. After selecting emojis, you have successfully reacted to that WhatsApp message.

WhatsApp Emoji Reaction Meaning; WhatsApp introduced the Emoji reaction feature so users can react to some messages instead of replying to them. However, it’s a more time-saving feature because now you can long tap on messages and react using emojis.

Why are emoji reactions not working on WhatsApp?

It might be due to WhatsApp not updating correctly. If not working, then restart the smartphone or clear the app cache.

Are WhatsApp reactions not working with android?

If you have an Android, but WhatsApp reaction is not working, restart your device, clear the cache, or update the App from both sides.

WhatsApp reactions not working?

If not working, chances are this is because of not using the latest App from both the sender and receiver sides. WhatsApp Reaction can quickly fix it by restarting or updating the App from Google play.

WhatsApp reactions not showing?

If you do not see any way to react to emojis, this might be due to the other person not updating their WhatsApp yet! Because to give your reaction to a message, it’s necessary to use an updated app from both sides, including the sender and receiver.

Can I like messages on Whatsapp?

Yes, now you can use emoji reactions on WhatsApp to like messages. You can even use any other emojis to react to some messages.

How to use Whatsapp reacts to messages?

To react to a particular message, Long press on a message, then Tap select one of the displayed emojis. After selecting emojis, you have successfully reacted to that WhatsApp message.

That’s all from my side today. We are Backdroid. I hope you find this helpful article. Today I showed you How to Use reactions on WhatsApp, How to fix WhatsApp emoji reactions is not working & show you the method to fix Whatsapp reactions not working for Android and iOS (iPhones).

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