Where is Clipboard on Samsung? Learn to Enable Clipboard on any Samsung

Clipboard on Samsung Phones: If you are not getting any option for clipboard on your Samsung phone then today I have this solution: How you can Access Clipboard on Samsung and Where is Clipboard on Samsung smartphone. 

Clipboard is one of the great features that Samsung smartphones have and if you have any Samsung smartphone when you should use the clipboard option it is a more useful and productive option when it comes to copying and pasting text. 

Samsung Phone Clipboard

Alright, Before we directly move on to where the clipboard is on your Samsung phone you need to understand keyboard apps. Keyboard apps are the apps that are created by any Developers which gives us a new interface & design. 

Where is the Clipboard on Samsung Smartphones? 

If you are finding the clipboard functionality on your Samsung phone then it is pre-installed on most of the devices with the keyboard apps like Samsung keyboard or Microsoft swift keyboard etc. To find the clipboard feature on Samsung you need to follow the instructions below

  1. Copy Multiple Texts > Open any App to Paste-In 
  2. Tap on the Text Field > Tap on the Dots on the keyboard’s top > Clipboard Icon 
  3. By Touching the Clipboard 📋 icon you will get all the Copied texts. 
Tap three dots on samsung default keyboard
Step 1: Tap three dots on samsung default keyboard.
Tap on the clipboard icon on samsung phone
Step 2: Tap on the clipboard icon.
Here is the Clipboard on Samsung Phone
Now Enjoy Clipboard Samsung.

This is how to find a clipboard on Samsung. I hope this will help you to find it out. You can try it now. If it didn’t see the Clipboard then probably there is a problem with the default Samsung keyboard app and to fix it I also mentioned below how you can enable clipboard on Samsung smartphones.

Not Getting Clipboard On Your Samsung Phone 

If you have a Samsung phone and not getting the clipboard option on it. This is probably because the keyboard toolbar has been turned off and to enable it below is the complete procedure that you can follow to enable the clipboard option on Samsung galaxy or any sams. smartphones.

Enable Clipboard on Samsung Device 

If you are worried about why the clipboard is not showing on your Samsung phone then probably because the keyboard toolbar has been turned off and this is the reason why you are not getting the option of the clipboard. 

To enable clipboard on any Samsung smartphone you need to follow the below instruction which I am gonna show you right now: 

  1. Samsung Mobile Settings > Search Default Keyboard > Tap On It. 
  2. Then Tap on Default Keyboard > Touch the Small Settings Icon
  3. In Samsung Keyboard App > Tap on Style & Layout.
  4. In Style & Layout,> Turn on the Keyboard Toolbar to Enable Clipboard Functionality.
Search default keyboard then tap on it
Step 1: Search Default in Settings > Tap on it.
Enabling clipboard on Samsung phones with settings
Step 2: Tap on Default Keyboard > Settings > Style and Layout
To Enable Clipboard on Samsung Turn on the Keyboard Toolbar
Step 3: Turn On The Keyboard Toolbar > Now Enjoy Clipboard.

After enabling the keyboard toolbar you just need to open any app where you want to paste your text and tap on the text field over there. Tap on the three dots, Now you will find a clipboard icon. By touching the clipboard icon you can see all the copied text that you copied into the clipboard.

So this is how you can enable the clipboard option on any Samsung Galaxy smartphone or any smartphone that came from Samsung.

Third-party Apps for Clipboard to use in Samsung

Finding clipboards on Samsung phones is a bit tough because Samsung phones have a default keyboard app from Samsung. In some Samsung devices, this keyboard app doesn’t support the clipboard option so to enable this, you need to install any keyboard app. Here are my recommendations that you can use on your Samsung phone.

Did you know that the Microsoft swiftkey keyboard is pre-installed on the Samsung S series? 

Thinking about why I told you this is because this is a hint of what you should use. 


In this tutorial, I showed you Where the Clipboard is on Samsung, How to Find the Clipboard and if the clipboard is not available then How to Enable the Clipboard on Samsung

I hope this tutorial will help you to find a clipboard and let me know in the comments if you have any queries and I appreciate that you came here.

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