Where’s the Clipboard on My Phone? (All devices)

Are you finding Clipboard on your phone? ; Learn Where is the clipboard located on your device. Clipboard for android to copy multiple texts.
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A clipboard is one of the most valuable things. We can copy multiple paragraphs and paste them one by one, and if you are worried, where is the Clipboard on your phone? Or you are not getting the option of clipboards

Then today, I will solve your query on the Clipboard on my phone.

Even though thousands and millions of people use clipboards daily, it is one of the most valuable features on Android that every Android user should use.

Where is the Clipboard on your phone? 

Clipboards are provided by the keyboard apps like shift keyboard Google’s board, or anything that.

But if you use Google’s Keyboard App or shift keyboard, the Clipboard is probably just above your thumb. 

If you are curious about where the clipboard option is, tap on the three dots above the alphabet in the keyboard, and then you will find the keyboard option that is more useful in GBoard.

In most keyboard apps like the Swift keyboard, the Clipboard is on the top of the alphabet, tap on three dots, and you will get an option for the Clipboard, as you can see in the image. 

Where to find clipboards on Android? 

To get the clipboard option to copy multiple texts and paste them as well, we need to follow the instructions below: 

tap on Text field
Step 1: Copy Text> Open any app and tap on the text field
tap on three dots for clipboard
Step 2: Tap on three dots
Here is the clipboard on your phone
Step 3: Tap on the Clipboard to see Copied texts.
  1. Copy any text or paragraph.
  2. Open any app where you want to paste it.
  3. Tap on the text field > Tap on Three dots above the alphabet on the keyboard. 
  4. Here you will get the clipboard functionality.

Where is the Clipboard on Samsung Smartphones? 

If you find the clipboard functionality on your Samsung phone, it is pre-installed on most devices with keyboard apps like Samsung or Microsoft swift keyboard, etc. To find the clipboard feature on Samsung, you need to follow the instructions below

  1. Copy Multiple Texts > Open any App to Paste-In 
  2. Tap on the Text Field > Tap on the Dots on the keyboard’s top > Clipboard Icon 
  3. Touching the Clipboard 📋 icon will get all the Copied texts. 
Tap three dots on samsung default keyboard
Step 1: Tap three dots on the Samsung default keyboard.
Tap on the clipboard icon on samsung phone
Step 2: Tap on the clipboard icon.
Here is the Clipboard on Samsung Phone
Now Enjoy Clipboard Samsung.

This is how to find a clipboard on Samsung. I hope this will help you to find it out. You can try it now. If it didn’t see the Clipboard, then there is probably a problem with the default Samsung keyboard app, and to fix it, I also mentioned below how you can enable the Clipboard on Samsung smartphones.

Not Getting Clipboard On Your Phone 

If you have a Samsung phone and not getting the clipboard option on it. This is probably because the keyboard toolbar has been turned off. To enable it, below is the procedure for enabling the clipboard option on Samsung galaxy or any other. Smartphones.

Enable Clipboard

If you are worried about why the Clipboard is not showing on your Samsung phone, then probably because the keyboard toolbar has been turned off, which is why you are not getting the clipboard option. 

To enable the Clipboard on any Samsung smartphone, you need to follow the below instruction, which I am going to show you right now: 

  1. Samsung Mobile Settings > Search Default Keyboard > Tap On It. 
  2. Then Tap on Default Keyboard > Touch the Small Settings Icon
  3. In Samsung Keyboard App > Tap on Style & Layout.
  4. In Style & Layout,> Turn on the Keyboard Toolbar to Enable Clipboard Functionality.
Search default keyboard then tap on it
Step 1: Search Default in Settings > Tap on it.
Enabling clipboard on Samsung phones with settings
Step 2: Tap on Default Keyboard > Settings > Style and Layout
To Enable Clipboard on Samsung Turn on the Keyboard Toolbar
Step 3: Turn On The Keyboard Toolbar > Now Enjoy Clipboard.

After enabling the keyboard toolbar, you need to open any app where you want to paste your Text and tap on the text field. Tap on the three dots. Now you will find a clipboard icon. By touching the clipboard icon, you can see all the copied Text that you copied into the Clipboard.

So this is how you can enable the clipboard option on any Samsung Galaxy smartphone or any smartphone that came from Samsung.

How to use clipboards on Android? 

To use the clipboard functionality on your device, you need to install any keyboard app on most of the new devices launching recently. They have a pre-installed gboard with the functionality of a clipboard to copy multiple texts simultaneously, and you can even place them whenever you want.

Okay, to use the clipboard feature on Android, follow the below procedure

  • Copy any paragraph or Text 
  • Now get into the app where ever you want to paste it
  • Now tap on text field > Keyboard appears. 
  • Tap on three dots on the keyboard > Clipboard.

After tapping on the clipboard option, you will see all the copied text you have recently copied.

Third-party Apps for Clipboard to use in Samsung

Finding clipboards on phones is a bit tough because phones have a default keyboard app. In some Samsung devices, this keyboard app doesn’t support the clipboard option, so you must install any keyboard app to enable this.

FAQs on Clipboard

How many paragraphs can you copy?

If you are using gboard, then you can copy six paragraphs. It doesn’t matter how many words they have, but you can copy six paragraphs even if they have a thousand words.

Why use the clipboard feature on Android? 

If you are thinking, why should I use the clipboard feature on my device, then you should use it because it will improve your productivity and the copying functionality in Android. You can copy six things at the same time. 

Is Clipboard underrated? 

Yes, most people had underrated the clipboard functionality. But this is a lifesaver: you can copy more than five texts at the same time and even paste them and delete them from the keyboard option on Android.

Can I copy multiple paragraphs/text using a clipboard? 

Yes, you can copy up to 6 paragraphs of different Text using the clipboard functionality. 

How long is Text copied to the Clipboard? 

It takes mostly 1 hour, but It depends on the RAM. If you have 3GB Ram, it will stay for 24 hours or even more, but if you have 2GB RAM or 1GB RAM, it won’t stay that long. It will be copied for 2-4 Hours. Or until you open new apps.

Do I need to install any app to use the Clipboard? 

In most cases, Android devices have a pre-installed Gboard that can copy multiple files using a clipboard and paste them as well. So you don’t need an app, but if you don’t have the gboard app or swift keyboard, you will need a keyboard app.

Benefits of using Clipboard on Android 

There are many benefits of using a clipboard because it has the functionality to copy multiple texts and paste them wherever you want. Even the Text will be copied for a long time if you have more Ram installed on your device, but if you have less RAM, it will stay for a few hours or until you open multiple apps. 

  • Improve your productivity and save lots of time
  • Easy to use when you are copying numbers/text, multiple details at the same time
  • An easy way to store lots of Text without even pasting it.

However, a clipboard constantly improves productivity and saves, as in many situations when I use this for copying all the multiple details like Bank numbers, etc. 

Final words on Clipboard Android

That’s it; today, I answered your question. If you are not finding the Clipboard on your device then you should follow the above procedure, and I hope your problem will be solved.

This is Backdroid. The place for all the tutorials! Have a nice day.

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