Why do YouTube Shorts play in low-quality or blurry shorts?

You might have found the Youtube shorts playing in the lowest quality. You can’t even see it. This happened to me a lot of times.

Suddenly, I fixed it using 5 Simple ways, which can be applied when your YouTube shorts are playing in low quality.

However, here in the article, we will show why shorts are blurry or Yt shorts of the lowest quality, even when you have the fastest internet.

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YouTube Shorts Low Quality And Blurriness

There are a few main reasons why you find the YT shorts low quality. 

3 Reasons For YouTube Shorts Playing In Low Quality

Reason 1

First is, The YouTube settings; being an average youtube user, we generally tend to play videos in 480p or in the data saver mode. At least, most people had set up youtube to save their data and the internet.

Reason 2

Secondly, it is because of the YouTube app itself. Yes, YouTube is always the big player in the market. YouTube simply wants users to consume more time on the app. Also read: How to Check screen time, Usage.

So, YouTube decides to serve you in the lower shorts quality because you haven’t chosen the preferred shorts video quality.

Reason 3

Third and the Main reason: Your Internet speed. Yes, Mobile internet speed impacts the shorts most.

Why Youtube Shorts Quality Is Low

For instance, If you’re watching shorts on youtube using the mobile internet with stable but low internet speed, then YouTube would decrease the video quality of a short, which causes blur in shorts.

But suppose now you’re playing a short video through the WiFi or a fast data speed, then the Short would be loaded in HD, which removes the blur from YT shorts and increases its quality.

So, for the solution to fix this, Simply Read here: 3 Ways to Increase YouTube shorts quality.

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Today I shared why youtube shorts are blurry and load the poorest quality.

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